You unlock your smartphone, but this time the screen doesn’t just show you the date and notifications. The Eiffel Tower appears in their place. “Do you want to book a weekend in Europe?” the smartphone asks. You ignore it and do what you have to do. A few minutes later you unlock your phone again, but this time to welcome you there is a personal trainer with a sculpted physique inviting you to download an app to work out from home.

Resign, the commercial break are also about to arrive lock screen from your smartphones. A Google-funded company called Glance is doing it.

Over there Glance is working on a range of online advertising services. Includes a system to play ads on the smartphone’s lock screen. Nothing particularly innovative: to open the track was Amazon, which for years has been selling cheap versions of its products (from Kindle to tablets) characterized by the presence of advertisements. In short, you pay less for the tablet, but you have to carry an advertising banner every time you unlock the device.

Glance is working on a similar solution, but in collaboration with the operators One day, operators may decide to sell cheaper versions of their plans, but in return, the user must agree to host ads on their smartphone. We remind you that in some countries, consumers tend not to buy smartphones in one solution, but prefer to buy them as a subscription or on loan to use together with their tariff plan.

Another product of the company are the ‘cans‘, which we can describe as a kind of Windows Spotlight but for smartphones. In short, widgets that offer users a range of interactive content: from puzzle games to the most important news, but also commercials. The company claims that the Glances appear about 65 times a day on average.

Will this be the future of telephony? Will ads invade every surface free on our smartphones?

Source: Lega Nerd

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