Even the most respected directors have unfulfilled wishes on their agenda. The most recent one was found William Bullwho wanted him to be part of a long list of filmmakers who have gone through the franchise Harry Potterone of the most important in modern cinema.

The Harry Potter saga, in addition to raising a huge amount of money, was one of those mainstream phenomena in which literature and the seventh art merged to give rise to a remarkable collective experience. The kids who started reading the first book ended up watching the last movie as adults. Franchise Harry Potterover time continues to attract the attention of adults and children.

One director who would love to be a part of it is Guillermo del Toro, who told Independent what he would like to send Harry Potter and the prisoner of AzkabanThe premiere took place in 2004 under the direction of Alfonso Cuaron. It was the third film out of eight.

Harry Potter and the cinematic language of Guillermo del Toro

In modern cinema, Guillermo del Toro is one of the directors with a more defined language, both in aesthetics and in the search for his characters. Would it be stuck with Harry Potter? Feeling yes. According to information from Independentreflects ScreenRant, Warner Brazzers. explored the possibility of having a director.

Names on the research agenda Mark Forster, M. Night Shyamalan D Kenneth Brang. Along with them, Guillermo del Toro as one of the options that interested them the most. What happened in the process? Guillermo del Toro had a darker idea for adapting the play. ScreenRant recalls an interview given to MTV in 2007, when the director explained the tone he wanted to set for the production, which ultimately raised doubts when he was signed.

Guillermo del Toro followed the saga through books and subsequent film adaptations. According to his comments in this interview given MTVthe director liked to shoot Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. At this stage, the history of the film saga became darker compared to the first productions. That’s why he envisions a scenario where the tone of the franchise and the tone of Guillermo del Toro could be well integrated.

Another one of those movie possibilities that will never be certain other than commentary and imagining what it could be.

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