This may be one of the most transgressive content Netflix. Drawing such a conclusion within such a vast catalog seems risky. But everything in farzar invites you to think about it. This adult animated parody covers so many topics that you would have to use a format similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie title list format to list them.

farzar he could just stick with topics like migration, narcissism, megalomania, racism, xenophobia, white supremacist fantasies, extraterrestrial life, and many others, and that would be enough for him. However, he allows himself to go further, parodying various films and series in tone and form while remaining convincingly absurd. Thus, parallels can be found with comic book superheroes or a scene that invites us to remember the best weapon. Perhaps this is not a series for all stomachs, and even so, perhaps all (adult) people should go through one of its chapters.

This Netflix series doesn’t hold back any modesty when it comes to social criticism. From the contrast between the elite and poverty, to his many references to contemporary issues, while making (and displaying) constant sexual references to describe a part of the modern world full of contradictions. Between laughter and embarrassing situations, there are probably a few reflections left.

and the declaration of principles from the name

His characters, humans and monsters, are in constant dialogue, almost non-stop (there are few pauses in the story) to bombard the viewer with disturbing ideas and images. Farzar is the name of the place where everything is produced, where humans and aliens coexist. With an important nuance: part of this population lives inside the bubble, while the other, on the outskirts, experiences various kinds of suffering. This is one of the most obvious criticisms of the capitalist system and its various branches, aimed at favoring some while those outside this dome suffer from multiple needs.

This series created Roger Black D Waco O’Guin, ranges from general aspects such as the previous one, to specific criticisms such as that made of Queen Elizabeth, or to the cult of the image that is experienced in modern society, along with the sexualization of various aspects. All this with raw dialogue full of irony and sarcasm, as if Netflix saved years of black humor to compress here.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

without shame and pity

Over the course of ten chapters, various myths are dealt with. Example? For example, the fourth episode is called “Valentine’s Day“, Unlike Valentine’s Day. Thus, with an open grave, one of the most commercial days of mankind is questioned, returning to the idea that within the framework of the story everything is driven: absurdity and the various desires of living beings.

That’s why there are small details like existence”Thought Police“, in a context in which many ideas are questioned or reconsidered, for better or worse, and social media generates other bubbles of thought and influence. So, amidst so much sarcasm and sexual references, the true backstory of this Netflix series is revealed.. farzar establishes constant dialogues between different aspects. The frequency, unable to disturb or suppress, is so constant that its authors understand it as a wager, as if they wanted to tell those who observe that the present is disgusting.

Farzar, criticizes, on Netflix

So, another question arises: why is it disgusting? Is it because you basically live in a context in which various desires move beings, or because of the hypocrisy that exists in various actions, institutions and moments in relation to human nature? The triumph of the series lies not in the effectiveness of its chapters, nor in the fact that it offers content that can be very funny for the most casual of adults, but rather that it serves as a kind of aggressive, rude and vulgar treatise when working with migration, pornographycomplexes, polarization between different social classes; namely, farzarNetflix available, sarcastic essay about this historic moment.

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