Miriam Margolisactress who took part in the filming End of days (end of days in Spain or Last day in Latin America) assures that Arnold Schwarzenegger he farted in her face during filming. He also claimed that the actor and former governor of California had too much selfishness and was his least favorite person to work with throughout his career.

He explained it in a podcast I have news for you, part of the Australian outlet of News.com.au. “He farted in my face. I fart too, but not in front of other people. He did it on purpose,” she explained.

“I played one of the daughters of Satan, and in one of the scenes, Arnold Schwarzenegger had to kill me. So I was in a position where I couldn’t move. That’s when he farted right in my face, in one of the pauses, the moment is not in the movie, but I can’t forgive him for what he did.

Miriam Margolis, a British-Australian actress who suffered from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s flatulence, has a career spanning over 50 years in film, television and theatre. She received the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Age of innocence (1993) Martin Scorsese. We can also see this in Harry Potter And The Chamber of secrets (2002) as Pomona Sprout Professor of Herbology.

End of days, the film that Miriam Margolis and Arnold Schwarzenegger worked on together, is not at all considered a failure for the studio. The production budget was about $100 million and the global profit was $212 million, mostly from DVD sales. But it was an absolute disaster with the specialized media. aggregator rotten tomatoes gave it a very poor 11% based on 101 critics. metacriticalso aggregator, gives it 33/100.

In fact, it was one of the key productions in Schwarzenegger’s decline in Hollywood. Previously, he acted as Mr. Freeze in the terrible Batman and Robin and later was in sixth day, Collateral Damage D Terminators 3everything is pretty bad. In 2003, he decided to retire from cinema and pursue a political career.

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