In the same way that the United States used cinema to promote its culture, to encourage its myths and practices, anime serves a similar function for Japan. Perhaps less ambitious. While America tends to impose a tone of dominance, anime tends to be more friendly. That is why there are plenty of references to its gastronomy, architecture and philosophy of this country. In this sense, Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Party, Netflix is ​​a very good example.

The series, consisting of six short chapters (they do not exceed 15 minutes), is part of the tradition Detective Conan. An important manga in the industry, with numerous deliveries and offshoots. One of them adapted Netflixdescribing history Rei Furuya, a police officer capable of splitting into two more identities. One of them is Bourbonname known in Organization of the Men in Black. Another Toru Amurotrainee detective Kogoro Mōri.

Performing all these tasks, he is also the head of the cafe kitchen. This place becomes a kind of transit place through which you can describe the character. This is the merit of the story. Recommended to watch Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Party after being immersed in manga or other adaptations in anime format. However, the story is structured in such a way that even the uninitiated can understand the essence of Rei Furui and his quest.

tone and time
from Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Party

In times of immediate consumption, when even the production of more than two episodes is suspicious, or series with several seasons and dozens of unwatched episodes can cause allergies, Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Party brings up something common in anime: short but concise episodes. They each have a clear purpose, and while they appear to be anthology stories, they are not because they end up explaining who Rei Furuya is.

He does it simply and pleasantly, successfully combining drawing, directing, photography and plot. It’s convenient not to think like that, because “simple” is less complex. universe in which the protagonist Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Party it’s prickly. To balance this, and not become a classic police story, The Netflix series follows several key moments in his daily life: his interest in the kitchen, attention in a cafe, and caring for others, a child or a dog..

Although Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Party may tell the story of some mundane superhero who specializes in solving cases and catching criminals, he does not leave aside his human vein. Thus, he is seen to be troubled by a part of his past, or acknowledging his mother’s influence in his behavior. Within the framework of the narrative, this nuance of emotion and fact enriches the story as it allows us to see different traits of the protagonist.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

An anime that continues the manga tradition

Detective Conan: Tea Party Zero, after six chapters there is a feeling that you want more. Rei Furuya can be a kind cook, able to understand what a grandmother needs, and at the same time be in front of a seductive woman and not be influenced by her, realizing that her real interest lies in a mission that goes beyond her. Returning to the culture of Japan as presented in the anime, sensuality is also explored here and female ideals alien to reality are depicted. Fiction is a space of desires.

Detective Conan Zero's Tea Party on Netflix Review 2

This Netflix series has no closure, even warned from the start: it spin off, extensions of a larger story. The triumph of the story is that even without backstory and future events, the viewer is aware of Rei Furui’s companions and gets a glimpse of his past while moving towards his future. On this trip, he can be seen in the usual episodes of police action anime: some impossible maneuvers, tensions with other officials, and some time management difficulties.

The story will likely serve as a bridge to graphic stories.. It’s not a side note because it’s about building a wide universe, full of differences and with a tradition established among the readers. But if these or the viewers come and go in one format or another, the end of the series will be fulfilled: keep cultivating stories Detective Conanby using Zero tea time.

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