HE GoogleTV It is one of the most popular Smart TV platforms on the market today. In short, the solution can be found natively on some device models or externally via adapters, which can breathe new life into traditional televisions that lack many functions, such as Chromecast.

Google TV, a premium and proprietary alternative based on Android TV, Various media recommendations in a fluid and intuitive interface — first of all, powered by artificial intelligence. So users can connect their preferred streaming platforms and access their content without having to start a new session.

Naturally, Google TV is getting a lot of attention by offering so much practicality. In this context, TecMundo has prepared a guide to assist users in the process of using the platform. Check out where and how to get it!

Google TV on smart TVs

In Brazil, Google TV can be found locally on televisions from the multinational brand TCL. For example, the newer models of the “Series-5” and “Series-6” lines have an out-of-the-box interface that offers an experience with a touch of control.

In this case, televisions already have a built-in “tutorial-guided” system, which basically consists of a series of logins to various streaming services, which simplifies the installation process of the platform.

Watch the video below showing the interaction between the “TCL Home” proprietary software and Google TV:

Chromecast with Google TV

Probably the most practical way to get Google TV is with the next-gen Chromecasts that already come with the solution. The advantage in this case is that the equipment can turn any TV into a Smart TV, and besides, there is already a remote control in its box.

To plug it in, simply connect it to a compatible HDMI input and optionally an external power source, which gives access to extra functions like turning on the TV while streaming content. Then switch the image source to the selected HDMI input and log in to the desired streaming platforms.

Check out more details about the device:

Google TV for Android and iOS

For users who already have other solutions or even older versions of Chromecast but still want to enjoy the benefits of Google TV, the platform’s official app is worth a try. The solution guarantees access to AI-based recommendation services at no additional cost, even without the tactile benefits and guaranteed smoother navigation of the remote control.

To use it, get the Google TV app from the Play Store or App Store depending on the device you’re updating and configure the streaming services you want. Next, simply transfer the media to a compatible display.

Google TV interface for Android.  (Source: Google / Reproduction)

Source: Tec Mundo

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