John Landgrafthe head of FXspoke at the Television Critics Association about several productions in development, including a focus on Alienthe show that returns to tell stories about the narrative universe of the 1979 film. According to John Landgraf, the shooting of the TV series will begin soon.

Considering that a movie project about Alien was canceled years ago, the fact that the xenomorophus narrative universe will now live with a new movie and a TV series greatly stimulates all horror science fiction fans.

John Landgraf himself, some time ago, describing the project, said:

The TV series is set before Ripley’s performance. It will be the first story in the Alien franchise set on Earth. So it’s going to be a story that takes place on our planet, more or less around the end of this century: it’s going to be a story that takes place in seventy years. Ripley will not participate in this series, nor any other character in the saga.

Landgraf also spoke of the project’s creator Noah Hawley, stating:

Noah has the incredible ability, and I believe these skills have already been seen at Argo, to be faithful but at the same time original with regard to the material of a pre-existing product. This series will be close to the films of Ridley Scott and James Cameron, but at the same time add something new to the franchise.

Source: Lega Nerd

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