There is little doubt about which scene Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness we would choose as the most cruel of all. Episode where Scarlet Witch Elizabeth Olsen breaks in at Illuminati headquarters from Earth-838 and kills them one by one during their brief confrontation. With the exception of sole survivor: Baron Karl Mordo. Because he certainly can’t stand up to the ruthless villain corrupted by the Darkhold. If it were not so, everything would have ended the same way.

Perhaps “violent” is an adjective that isn’t often used for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Sam Raimi, with his bloodthirsty filmography, has taken on a second feature film starring Benedict Cumberbatch’s sorcerer. Also, screenwriter Michael Waldron was inspired by James Cameron’s horrific adventure to write this scene. And now we know what to insist on this feature, likewise, the character of Chiwetel Ejiofor would not have remained in place. according to the original plan.

But not because of what you think. In fact, not even We mean to Mordo, which is part of the Illuminati, but to what they introduced in the first movie made by Scott Derrickson. I mean, to Earth-616, the universe that fits the main story of Marvel superheroes. BUT storyboard The Jeremy Simsera we accessed now shows us the horrific moment we learned of his death. For the initial section Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

This is how the main version of Mordo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was going to die.

Jeremy Simmer | Marvel Studios

As Sam Raimi himself explains in the audio commentary for the digital version of the film, Michael Waldron planned another early scene with the first Mordo. “I went through a lot of battles,” he says. “I was limping. And he wanted Scarlet Witch to take her power because he knew she was dark and [estaba] horribly corrupted by the Darkhold. D she killed him, cut off his head and showed it to Doctor Strange. in a later scene.

Another brutal moment. “It was a great letter, but too slow start so we had to lose it“, says the director to justify his elimination. “Yeah, it was a funny scene that just didn’t fit into the movie,” admits the film’s screenwriter. Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness from your side. “but it was great that she cut off his head right in the middle of his ears, [cuando] I was going to say everything takes its toll»“. These two are perfect for each other.

Taunting the menace of the sorcerer baron

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness mordo marvel
Marvel Studios

But it’s about in same phrase that bites pronounced after the death of the old man. “The dark dimension is volatile and dangerous. What if he had possessed her? he asks the future Supreme Warlock. And shortly after pointing out that the late leader used her to prevent her from aging, she adds: “Everything takes its toll. Do not you see? His transgressions set Dormammu’s fanatics in motion. Kaecilius is to blame! And here we are, after his deceit: the world is on fire.”

This great disappointment he is going through will lead him down the dark path that we are shown in the post-credits scene. With the intent to deprive all sorcerers of their power for being “against nature.” And it’s possible that he found out what Scarlet Witch was doing in Westview during WandaVisionand for that reason he wanted to do what he considered his duty. But he was not a match for her, and his beheading would have caused a very black counterpoint to the threat of his sentence.

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