A naturalistic adventure that tells the friendship between a boy and a “wild” puppy: here it is The Boy and the Tiger, in cinemas from October 14 with Medusa Film. From the film, which stars little Sunny Pawar and also Claudia Gerini in the cast, we show you the new trailer.

Nine-year-old Balmani (Sunny Pawar) escapes from the orphanage where he lives to return to his hometown of Kathmandu. During the journey, his path crosses that of a Bengal tiger cub, captured by a band of greedy poachers ready to sell him on the black market.
The child manages to save him and decides to take him to the famous Taktsang Monastery, known as the Tiger’s Den, a fairytale place that his mother always talked about. There the puppy will be safe thanks to the protection of Buddhist monks from the Himalayas. Thus begins an adventurous and complicated journey in which the two will discover the wonders of life, but also the dangers it hides.
A tough undertaking that Balmani will be able to carry out with the help of Hannah (Claudia Gerini), director of the orphanage, who does not give up after the disappearance of the child. Amid breathtaking landscapes, the friendship between the human cub and the tiger cub is born. A story of love and brotherhood that, through the battle of Balmani, recalls the importance of defending the earth and its inhabitants against the barbarity of man.

Source: Lega Nerd

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