The official Microsoft partner in Russia said the company has suspended the supply of licenses to the country. It’s unclear when they will continue (and whether they will). Journalists could hardly buy licenses from any retailer at a normal price. So, a license for Microsoft Office 2021 in the DNS store, home and business version costs almost 25 thousand rubles.

As an alternative, local programs are offered, for example, Yandex or MyOffice, and foreign programs – Bulgarian OfficeSuite, Korean Hancom.

Evgeny Kharitonov, editor-in-chief of warned that now even a key for Microsoft Office purchased from an official retailer for Russia will fail. Fortunately, the official seller is obligated to refund your money for the purchase.

In this case, the user will be linked to a third-party corporate account, which opens up endless space for personal data to be stolen.

Source: Ferra

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