Disney+ is going to raise the price of its subscriptions in the US. The company has already announced this along with a cheaper monthly ad-supported option. The fact that Disney+ is going to raise the price in the US tells us that it will soon do the same in other regions.

And for that reason, it might be a good time to purchase an annual subscription for two months of savings over a monthly subscription. Instead you get a full year of Disney+ whether or not they raise the price in your country. And the thing is, the streaming market is getting more complex, so if you plan on having access to all the current series and movies, as well as those coming in the future, this offer is great.

Please note that currently Disney+ no longer offers free trials. For this reason, and also in order to be able to enjoy series, movies and the whole catalog available, you need to subscribe to the service. It’s price €8.99 per monthat least to this day. A price that could rise sharply in the future, as will happen in the US. However, we have good news: you can save two full months with a subscription. We explain how.

How to watch Disney+ for free for two months

Lucasfilm | Disney+

If you take advantage of this yearly subscription offer, you can get two months of Disney+ for free compared to paying monthly, since if you do it for the whole year, the savings is the cost of two full months. This means that you will be able to see the new Star Wars series. Andor completely and have access to the entire Disney+ catalog. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the dedicated Disney+ subscription site
  2. Choose an annual subscription modality to save two months
  3. Fill in the details and download the Disney+ app on your devices.
  4. Enjoy all premieres.

You can watch Disney+ on multiple devices and with multiple users and profiles at the same time, including smart TVs, game consoles, smartphone apps, tablets, and even web browsers. Also, be careful, because if you come to Latin America, you can save a lot more by taking advantage of the combined Disney+ and Star+ subscription called Combo+:

combo+ He final package which will save you money while you enjoy all Disney+, Star+ content and all ESPN sportsincluding football from the best leagues in the world.

Subscribe to Combo+ and save

Combo+ available only Latin America.

Get your free Star+ trial and watch the final Formula 1 race

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