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So they hacked Spotify’s algorithm to make Brazilian singer Anitta number 1 in the world


Years ago, singers dreamed of reaching number one on the radio network charts, although we all know that in most cases these positions were achieved for a fee. Now you’re nobody if you’re not in most played lists Spotify, Apple Music and company.

Brazilian singer Anittawho sings some of his songs in Spanish, has reached a milestone by being first female Latino music soloist to be ranked No. 1 in the world by the number of streams on Spotify. March 25, he reached 6.4 million reproductions of the Wrap themeaccepting congratulations from his company Warner Music.

But this success was partially overshadowed by the discovery that his fans hacked Spotify’s algorithm to artificially replicate reproductions. And the dispute touched the singer, because her official account retweeted a fan tweet where they encouraged cheating reproductions.

How can you hack the Spotify algorithm? The platform sets a number of rules according to which theme song playback is considered good, so you can use these rules to download reproductions artificially.

As explained on the Rest of the World website, Anitta’s fans organized on Twitter create playlists that include the Wrap songremembering”use different accounts on Spotify and don’t forget to switch accounts after 20 streams“.

singer’s official account he not only retweeted the tweet, but also the next day Spotify Premium accounts were raffled off to anyone who sent screenshots of the song on Spotify.

The Rest of the World website is located over 100 playlists with names like “Wrap #1” or “Wrap 20x” in which they explained tricks to make Spotify reproduce just as wellalthough no one listens to them: “Play only once a day, don’t randomize and turn up the volume.“.

Some fans confessed to the Network how they created multiple playlists with different accounts to play a song 2000 times a day.

Overplaying on Spotify is common in Brazil. Last July, the Brazilian Cybercrime Investigation Center shut down 84 websites that rented bots to artificially increase the streaming of Brazilian artists.. Spotify penalizes these practices by deleting the accounts of those who use them.

But in the case of Anita It was the fans who promoted this “starter” campaign, And here the singer cannot be blamed. For experts, this is a sign of the strength of his music. And we also don’t know the percentage of the real impact of this “hack” on Spotify.

Let’s see if this retweet from his official account will be a problem though…

This reminded us of another Spotify algorithm hack, when an indie group created album of 1000 30 second songs, in protest because that’s the minimum time Spotify needs to count reproductions.

Source: Computer Hoy

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