THQ Nordic posted a video showing the queue of the games that will be available to visitors of gamescom 2022, scheduled in Cologne from 24 to 28 August. There is talk of a rather full and somewhat varied list that also includes the new Alone in The Dark and Outcast 2 – A new Beginning.

We read thecomplete list of games:

As you can see, some of the titles on the list were announced at the THQ Nordic Showcase a few days ago, including the highly anticipated reboot of Alone in the darkthe 90s cult horror that returns in this new reinterpretation of the original trilogy and with some interesting new features.

Before we leave, we also remind you that the event will also be streamed on August 23 at 20:00 Italian time Opening night Liveopening this new edition of Gamescom with new details about the titles coming out in the coming months: Geoff Keighley has already announced that we will see new gameplay videos from Hogwarts Legacy and The Callisto Protocol.

  • THQ Nordic | gamescom 2022 lineup (

Source: Lega Nerd

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