Dragon House this is a new universe series Game of Thrones what It just premiered on HBO Max. Like its predecessor, the expectation is high, and we, who have already seen the first episode (and part of the series), are already looking forward to what, unlike last season Game of Thrones, Dragon House indicate the path.

And the fact is that the development of the fantasy world created by George R. R. Martin goes a long way, so we all knew that this prequel to Game of Thrones I was going to put all the meat on the roast. Dragon House premieres exclusively on HBO Max, so you’ll need to subscribe to the service to watch all episodes.

Unlike other major releases, Dragon House follows in the footsteps of the previous series and will release only one chapter per week. Yes, forget about watching the series on the day of the premiere. In the old fashioned way, as with many great shows like Disney+, premieres happen week after week.

House of the Dragon is a new series in the Game of Thrones universe.

Watch House of the Dragon on HBO Max.

The House of the Dragon can only be seen on HBO Max.

Keep in mind that if you expect to see characters from Game of Thrones forget The series is a prequel set 200 years before what we see in Dragon House it’s brand new. However, families are known. The series will tell about the Targaryen house and their dragons, but earlier, long before Daenerys Targaryen:

As such, the series will depict the most tumultuous moments of House Targaryen as they clashed to seize the Iron Throne, the seat of power of the King of the Seven Kingdoms. In fact, those who have watched Game of Thrones will see that the history of the Targaryens during this period is a recurring memory throughout the series, especially since the third season when Daenerys takes center stage.

It will feature 10 weekly premiere episodes starting August 21 and running for the next ten weeks, with a spectacular finale expected at the end of November. Dragon House it’s here.

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