Sauron is the embodiment of absolute evil in the literary saga of J. R. R. Tolkien. And it will be an integral part of the series. Rings of Power, which can now be seen on Prime Video. This seems to suggest Galadriel’s bloody quest to find him, or various references to the war against Morgoth.

However, the most obvious sign is that the argument already shows the scenario of a possible total confrontation with the sinister figure. This indicates that the Maya, who have become a latent threat to Middle-earth, will occupy a central place in history.

This is without a doubt a decision with considerable weight. The Second Age is about the battle against Lieutenant Morgoth and everything that happened after he used the One Ring. Actually, first episode Rings of Power showed a clear image of Sauron. In addition, with an appearance very similar to the one in the Peter Jackson film trilogy. This could mean that this argument will give him powers and ability to fight very similar to his movie version.

But, according to the plot of the series, his identity remains a mystery. Which may indicate that his influence at the moment is indirect and more related to manipulation. If so, then the series neatly explores the character’s first stories. Also, how Tolkien conceived it. A shadow in perpetual danger and a master of deceit.

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Sauron’s Riddle

In the first three episodes of the series Rings of Power made it clear that the conflict of history would be centered on the rise and fall of Númenor.. At the very least, this will be the most important event in the first season, intended to contextualize the main events.

What does It is no coincidence that the brief image of Sauron in the first episode who announced his presence. The villain was assigned a special and fundamental role in the tragedy as the instigator of what happened and, of course, its consequences.

However, to understand how Sauron will act against the most powerful people in Middle-earth, it is necessary to study the origin of the creature. How he survived the events of the First Age and how he gained strength for a new attack in the Second and Third. Where did it come from? What is your true nature?

Rings of Power, Sauron

Sauron and his origin

The figure of Sauron is completely connected with the figure of Morgoth, the first Dark Lord from Tolkien’s saga. Originally named Melkor, the latter was the Valar created by Eru Ilúvatar, the supreme deity in the writer’s mythology.

Bearing more than obvious similarities to the mythology associated with Lucifer in the Catholic religion, the Valar eventually rebelled and became treacherous. Under the name of Morgoth, he faced the rest of creation. As punishment, he was sentenced to a timeless void from which there was no return. But he has already had a fundamental detrimental effect on another being..

Mairon was a Maya, one of the powerful spirits whose mission it was to help the Valar give form and substance to Arda. At first he was a being of great purity who became fascinated with the art of forging. However, corrupted by Morgoth, ended up undermining his nature. But, unlike the Valar, to whom he obeyed, Myron did not want to conquer territories, but dominate the minds and spirits of sentient beings.

One of Myron’s most dangerous qualities was his duplicity. While he served Morgoth, he pretended to be loyal to the rest of the Valar. However, as soon as the rebel entrenched himself in Middle-earth, the Maya learned of his intentions. It was then that he changed his old name, which in Elvish translates as “wonderful”, to Sauron, “disgusting”.

History in the shadows

Sauron, Rings of Power

Having become a recognized vassal of Morgoth, Suron fought at his side during the confrontation with the elves in the First Age. He became ruler of the Stronghold of Angband, where he took refuge when the Valar first defeated Morgoth. When his master faced all the power of his peers, Sauron became stronger and more dangerous..

As much as conquering the island of Tol Sirion, which belonged to the elven race. As a provocation, he later called it “the one with the werewolves”. His presence itself was a harbinger of tragedy and horror.. He even had the ability to create his own servants, such as Thuringwethil, who had the powers of a vampire. For Sauron, this was the stage of completeness, in which, moreover, he learned the art of transformation and total mental manipulation.

Morgoth, more and more besieged by the power of the Elves, became the natural enemy of the race. But Sauron was even more perverse in nature than the Valar he served. His goal was to destroy the good in the hearts of people.. It is at this stage that his story intersects with that of Beren and Luthien. Something that links his fate to several of the most important narratives of the Tolka saga. At the same time, it intersects with the possible plot of the series. Rings of Power.

Sauron captured Beren and Finrod the elf, Galadriel’s elder brother. Finally, after a long chase, the corrupted Maya will kill the elf. What in the Prime Video story triggers Lady Valinor’s revenge and her involvement in future conflicts in Middle-earth.

Sauron and Rings of Power

After Morgoth was defeated, Sauron went into hiding for 500 years and then settled in Mordor. In the region, built the tower of Barad-dur, symbol of evil. Using the knowledge accumulated over his long life, he created armies of orcs and trolls. He then hatched a plan to manipulate the men from the mainland.

At the time, which will likely reflect the plot of the series Rings of Power, took the form of a creature of extraordinary beauty, Annatara. His appearance has allowed him to fool several elves, including the master forger Celebrimbor. Sauron persuaded the latter to forge the Rings of Power, a supposed gift for elves, men, and dwarves.

At the same time, Sauron secretly created the One Ring., with which he could control the others with dark magic. But as soon as she tried to use it, the elves discovered her influence and rejected her. On the other hand, the Dwarves also resisted the machinations of Sauron. However, the nine human kings who accepted the insidious gift were corrupted and turned into the Nazgûl.

Rings of Power, Nazgul

The war of all wars will probably show Rings of Power

It was then that Sauron attacked Middle-earth with a brutal conquest. Something he was going to achieve were it not for the intervention of the Isle of Numenor.. In the end, the corrupted Maya was imprisoned by the people of the west. A circumstance that a being will take advantage of.

Once in a prosperous kingdom, he manipulated the ambitions of King Ar-Pharazon and the fear of death of those who inhabited the Isle. His influence was such that he convinced the population to build a temple in Numenor in honor of Morgoth. Finally, he persuaded the monarch to take his sizable army to confront the Valar and take Valinor.

It was about cataclysmic event that forever changed Middle-earth. Eru Iluvatar destroyed Numenor and turned the surface of Arda into a sphere so that no one would have the desire to attack Valinor. In the midst of the cataclysm, Sauron’s human form was destroyed and he lost his ability to shape-shift. To recover from his wounds, he returned to Mordor. When he succeeded, he attacked Middle-earth with all his dark power.

Sauron and the End of the Age

The elves and the survivors of the tragedy of Numenor banded together to fight evil incarnate. Elendil, one of the men who remained loyal to the Valar during the sinking of the island, joined the Elven king Gil-galad. The connection between the two peoples was called the Last Alliance, and it was a complete coalition that he intended to rid the world of Sauron forever.

It was a long and bitter conflict, commanded by Sauron himself. He came to kill Elendil and Gil-galad, which for a moment seemed to succeed. But in the midst of a great battle, Isildur, the son of the leader of the people, cut off the finger of this creature and snatched the One Ring from him. The only wound that the corrupted Maya could not bear.: A magical artifact allowed him to maintain his physical form.

Sauron returned to Mordor again. Isildur could have destroyed it if he had cast the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom. But he didn’t, so the creature was able to keep alive until the Third Age. Finally, a new battle, in which all the races of Middle-earth participated in one way or another, made it possible to destroy a powerful magic item. The fact that Sauron completely ceased to exist.

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