Between the tension created by the characters and the spy conflict taking place in Old man, there are different links that can be seen. One of the most obvious has to do with the main character, Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges) and his companions, two dogs rottweiler that accompany him in different scenarios, even outside the law.

From the first chapter Old man clarifies the relationship between Dan Chase and his dogs: they are more than just a company, pets created to brighten up everyday life. These beasts are trained to attack anyone the owner marks.. This promotes synergy between the animals and the creature, forming a kind of three-headed beetle. Two Rottweilers and Jeff Bridges character.

One possible interpretation of this relationship may have its origin in Greek mythology. Prominent among the show’s promotional images is Dan Chase and his dogs. As you delve into the mythic stories, you may stumble upon a three-headed beast named Cerberus. Although the reading should not be literal, Old man it is carried out by someone who metaphorically invokes this figure.

Cerberus and Old man: interpretation

There is a beast in the underworld that prevents anyone from entering or leaving the place at will. Near Cerberusa three-headed dog that is part of Greek mythology and is under the word and desire of its master, Hades. Although in Old man There is no direct mention of this myth, the behavior of these three characters suggests that there is an influence.

Dan Chase and his dogs act as one when it comes to attacking or defending others. The relationship reaches such a degree of intimacy that the dogs accompany the protagonist of the series. Disney+ even when he has to undergo a medical examination to try and scare away old ghosts; even in places where Pets allowed They entered, reluctantly away from the managers.

What does the story suggest through these animals? Although they do not have a line of dialogue, they are active subjects of the plot. Therefore, it is legitimate to consider them as actors in Old man, with appropriate nuances. His impact on history is key to enabling Dan Chase to act with greater freedom: animals give the character some of the strength and mobility that he gradually loses due to old age.

Moving to another level of interpretation, who does this three-headed beetle serve? Old man is a character who distanced himself from the secret services, who fled from them for thirty years. In a myth reversal of sorts, Dan Chase and his two dogs serve themselves. They do this with the intention of protecting the very hell that is the character’s past.

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