Kingdom of Mordor has just been officially included in the geography of Middle-earth, showing Rings of Power, from Prime Video. He was even baptized by one of his characters. But, contrary to the literary version, the name of the regions of darkness was not the work of Sauron. At least that’s what the last scene of the episode hints at. Which, like many other production data, contradicts the work of J. R. R. Tolkien.

Episode 6 showcases the creation of Mordor in a sequence that reimagines the region’s untold history. Following a battle for control of the Southlands, Sauron’s sword eventually causes a cataclysmic event involving a volcanic eruption and the birth of fire from the Realm of Darkness.

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A new look at the darkness in Middle-earth

Everything that happened was a consequence of the strategy of Adar, who managed to exchange a dangerous item belonging to the Dark Lord and instruct Waldreg on its use. In the end, the vassal of evil plunged the blade of the weapon into the Efel Duat, releasing an unstoppable torrent. The hitherto inexplicable tunnels dug by the orcs resulted in a tidal wave that turned one of the mountains in the area into a volcano.

Now in chapter 7 Rings of Power, specifies the name of the region. After Waldreg proclaims Adar “Lord of the Southlands”, he asks him to rename the territory. But the corrupted elf doesn’t answer, instead looking at the pillar of fire and ash rising from the bottom of the landscape. Shortly thereafter, the series shows a text label on screen with the name Southlands, which is eventually replaced with the word Mordor. Which makes it clear, at least implicitly, that the so-called father of the orcs is to blame, not the Dark Lord.

Galadriel and a hint of the coming horrors

Rings of Power, Adar

However, shortly before the scene Galadriel hinted that the name of the Southern Lands was about to change.. Walking through the destruction caused by the fire with Theo, the Elf answers questions from a teenager. “Why would the orcs cause such havoc?” Question. Galadriel looks around sadly and answers. “To make this your home… your Shadowland.”

Galadriel, speaking the common language of Middle-earth, even accidentally gave the region its name. In their native language, Sindarin, “Mordor” literally translates as “dark lands”. On the other hand, the word also means “shadow” in the Quenya dialect. That Adar christened – or so the story suggests – a new geography of evil in elvish language highlights the origin of the character. As revealed in chapter six, the corrupted elf still retains many of the customs of his race.

The intricate plot around the Lord of Darkness in Rings of Power

Be that as it may, the fact remains that the name of Mordor is now part of a mythology created specifically for Rings of Power. A warning that could have complex consequences in the future. If Adar does this, what is Sauron’s role in creating his own kingdom?

Just to emphasize the lines – mysterious and frightening – that connect Adar with his kind, despite the fact that he is corrupted by darkness? Perhaps the season finale of the series will provide some answers to this.

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