Franchise believe it continues to expand. After two parts dedicated to the memory of the Rocky saga, in which Sylvester Stallone participated, a third part will be released next year called Creed IIIwherein Michael B Jordan intersect with another part of his past. It’s represented Jonathan Majorsold friend of the protagonist.

adonis creed, played by Michael B. Jordan, had a past beyond fame, light and money. Along the way, character Damian, embodied by Jonathan Majors. Judging by the previews, both formed some sort of gang or were involved in complicity relationships in situations that exposed them to the police.

Saw what was seen in the trailer believe 3, life gave Adonis more luck than Damian. The latter remembers the past, it seems to him that he is interested in changing his present and building a new future in boxing. To do this, first of all, to face the one who was his friend. The film is a classic in this style, a journey through memories to justify a conflict that is resolved with gloves.

trailer believe 3starring
Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors

The first part of this movie saga was released in 2015. Adonis Creed took over the legacy of his father Apollo with the encouragement of Rocky. believe 2 The premiere took place three years later. The character was set at the pinnacle of professional boxing. But the sport led him to cross paths with the son of the man who killed his father during Rocky IV. The third part of this saga is directed by Michael B. Jordan, the first production in which he is also behind the camera.

The film’s announced release date is March 3, 2023. This is the first trailer for the movie. Creed III.

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