What David Simon returns to Baltimore, where he worked for thirteen years as a journalist and spends his famous The wire (2002-2008) and with George Pelecanos, who has been collaborating with him ever since, is a real highlight. Not only because this television series is considered the best in history and Our city (since 2022), available on HBO Max, is a promising revisiting of the thematic and stylistic milestone it was, but because of how well they know the place.

It is not for nothing that what was offered to us before and is being offered here is an obligation apparent realism, the most crude and believable which can be achieved in the seventh art to present us with another recreation of police operations in their fight against crime and its combination with the manner of narration, for which, if we were told that this is a documentary, we might believe it. A proposal that, however, will not be able to build a cool social complex, like The wire if it doesn’t continue.

return dynamic and punctual impressionistic montage urban scenes chosen with the exceptional ingenuity of those in charge, just as Terrence Malick chooses his own in the beautiful dramas he shoots, punctuating authentic and eloquent monologues main characters. On this occasion, Jon Bernthal’s Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, who previously played Shane Walsh in the walking Dead (since 2010), Griff babydriver (2017) or Frank Castle’s the Punisher (2017-2019).

“The City Is Ours”: Hyperrealism by David Simon and George Pelecanos

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Structure attributed to David Simon and George Pelecanos Our city it looks like confusing puzzle with multiple pieces that it is not well known how they will converge until they are gradually put in place, and the advancement of the plot and its dark mysteries occurs without haste or slowness. For this, they are used memories in order to understand the problematic situation in Baltimore and the attitudes of some of the characters.

Similarly, his realistic goal, which usually leaves us with a sober camera planning in hand and even fixed and without many movements by Reinaldo Marcus Green, reaches even dialogueswhich they are not written to suck information out of the audience absolutely. just like in The wireWhat we are hearing may have come from the lips of existing people, professionals from various fields involved in a criminal conspiracy, indistinguishable from those we see here.

If art imitates life, David Simon and George Pelecanos, who also combined their talents, Treme (2010-2013) with Eric Ellis Overmyer and Deuce: The Times Square Chronicles (2017-2019), turns them not only into Diego Velazquez, but also into Leng Jun from TV Fiction own the right. What they, of course, demonstrate again for what we are talking about with their hyperrealism almost documentary in Our city.

A gift for fans of “The Wire”

la ciudad es nuestra david simon george pelecanos hbo max crítica the wire
hbo max

This project could not have been approached differently, given the involvement of these filmmakers and what they show us. these are real factsone of the most high-profile cases of police decay in Baltimore, which former journalist Justin Fenton narrates in the book We Own This City: A True Story of Crime, Cops and Corruption (2021): The one associated with the Weapons Trace Task Force and Wayne Jenkins of John Bernthal in front of her.

The American actor builds with a thousand and one nuances that can be seen in his own gestures and even in his walk. one of his round charactersdisturbing with their unpredictable behavior. And what a pleasure it is to meet the big Delaney Williams in the place of Kevin Davis, the interpreter we appreciate for his Sergeant Jay Landsman of The wire. icing for it Our city open up like perfect job from HBO Max for those who love this wonderful series.

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