HBO Max could confirm release date Last of us unintentionally. Yes, as it reads. All of the shared data in your mobile app and on your website. They indicate the day the specified production was started. The detail did not go unnoticed by users and the media.

The one that was repeated was The Verge. This portal refers to the fact that different Twitter users, attentive to the news regarding Last of usnoticed that the HBO Max mobile app and its web version are marked as fThe premiere date of the series is Sunday, January 15, 2023. Although at the time of the recent presentation trailer, no date has been confirmed.

On September 26, after months of leaking some images, HBO Max released the first teaser on the Last of us. In this series, the main role Peter Pascal D Bella Ramsey. The promotion generated mixed reactions among the platform’s followers. Especially for those video game users who are inspired by the television adaptation. Another video, which can be seen on HBO Max’s YouTube profile, also does not have a specific date.

What about Last of us
and the HBO Max platform?

In the description for teaser presented hbo max, it is indicated that the premiere of the series will take place during 2023. There is no specific date. Meanwhile, in the UK there is a curious fact. This is due to the Sky platform, which circulated material suggesting that the premiere will take place on January 16, Monday.

However, this does not fit in at all with HBO’s traditional policy of leaving its most current premieres on every Sunday. It’s worth clarifying a detail about Sky: sometimes, due to the time zone, content that comes out in one region during one day ends up in another the next day.

So, within the mobile and web version of the Anglo-Saxon market, description Last of us indicate as release dateor January 15, 2023. According to Hipertextual, the profile of the series is not yet available for the Latin American market. This game is a modern classic that has a huge fan base.

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Source: Hiper Textual
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