Overseas critics got the chance to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and the feature has been described as the “most powerful” Marvel movie to date. The tribute to Chadwick Boseman enhanced the atmosphere of the feature film, but not only.

Clayton Davis spoke of:

A beautiful tribute to Chadwick Boseman. Visually it is beautiful, and Angela Bassett dominates the scene. And then Rihanna’s Lift Me Up piece will really lift a lot of people. I’m not out for the Oscars yet.

Brian Davis of The Hollywood Reporter indulged in a very important critique, speaking of the “most powerful Marvel movie yet”.

It’s a feature film of a certain weight and darkness – he declared – that deviates from the classic Marvel tone. The crew’s work is of a very high standard and the performances are up to the occasion.

Charles Pulliam-Moore of The Verge speaks of a story “intimate and capable of touching the heart.” We can define it as a cinema movie, but which, instead of focusing on the show, shifts the focus to pain.

Orlando Maldonado speaks of the new Black Panther as a film “rarely so serious and mature within the Marvel Cinematic Universe”. While Collider’s Perri Nemiroff spoke of “a very powerful story”.

Despite everything, we are talking about a cinema film, and Dani Fernandez assured that the action scenes are “really on the limit”. Many have relied on the fact that this is a thrilling film and that it is a worthy tribute to the memory of Chadwick Boseman. Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, spoke out in this regard, saying of the missing interpreter:

He’s been a part of my life for a shorter amount of time than I would have liked, but he’s done such an important job that it will stay that way over time. Future generations will still feel his presence alive.

And Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, despite everything, tries to keep the focus on Chadwick Boseman’s legacy with his T’Challa, while trying to respect the idea of ​​a canonical movie comics. And from this point of view, the critics have emphasized the presence of Namor, who was considered “a great villain” and a “really powerful” figure.

The character played by Huerta Tenoch was placed in the middle of the last spot on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which focuses on the battle for Wakanda’s succession to the throne.

Huerta Tenoch himself, presenting his character, stated:

Latin Americans have always been used as villains in Hollywood productions, but now we become the heroes, or the anti-heroes. We will do something that Hollywood will be proud of. All of this is an honor for me, I came out of nowhere and thanks to inclusivity I am here. Many children who come from the same situation will dream of being in my place, and they will get there.

Keep in mind that Black Panther 2 will hit theaters November 11.

Source: Lega Nerd

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