A fresh photo of the participants in the “SpaceX Polaris Dawn” mission puzzled users a lot because of the strange expression and. Adding to the intrigue was Anna Menon, Lead Space Operations Engineer at Spacex.

This is not a photoshop and the Evening evidence of the feeling of yuora astronaballich, but a demonstration of a new useful device. They were developed at the university. The fact is that with zero gravity in the eyeball and optic nerve, certain processes are observed that impair human vision, but it is there that is happening – so far a mystery.

The most realistic theory asserts that in weightlessness the liquid in the gas moves in the opposite direction. This leads to swelling, a lot of pressure on the nerves and the eye itself, it can even change shape and frame Long-term consequences of the syndrome and uncertainty. Contact lenses are needed to constantly monitor the pressure in the eyes of astronauts, and scientists hope that this information will help them understand what exactly happens to the body in zero gravity.

As the members of the SpaceX Polaris Dawn program themselves joke, even if nothing comes of it, they will be the first to launch the astronaut eye accessory fashion. While time posed sets program.

Source: Tech Cult

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