Donkey Hita Torres looks at the camera and smiles. He declares himself an agnostic. He is also a man who has learned to live with the most extraordinary stories. Documentary in four episodes Donkey: Journey to Infinity, directed by Lucas Figueroa for HBO Max, will try to tell. But there is no easy way to organize a narrative spanning time, confusing circumstances, and a vision of faith. Everything that surrounds the so-called “Spanish Dalai Lama” is not simple. Much harder to count.

However, the documentary manages to do so with deep respect for what happened. In 1986, Donkey became an unlikely little celebrity. His parents handed him over to Lama Yeshe’s students after they were convinced that the child was his reincarnation. It was an unprecedented situation that made a splash at the time and also put the little boy in an inexplicable situation. Suddenly, being the son of an ordinary couple, The donkey came to be regarded as the junior in a long line of spiritual successors to the unknown.

AT Donkey: Journey to Infinity, Figueroa tries not to pass judgment, and this is perhaps one of the most interesting moments of the documentary. Apparently, the production is more interested in analyzing how an event of this magnitude can affect a child’s life. Moreover, the environment surrounding him immediately convinced him that what had happened was predetermined. Donkey, now 37, shakes his head and uses his voice for the first time to tell the best he can about going through an unprecedented adventure. “Few people can boast that they are messiahs,” he jokes with the good humor that will accompany him throughout the long narrative of his life.

From Alpujarra to Tibet

Donkey: Journey to Infinity tells the story of Osel. At the age of six, the future lama became the center of attention of an assembly of devotees. At the same time, he left the experience of childhood to wield the power of a dictator. At least that’s how he himself remembers the strange years of studying with the monks and his attempts to understand what was happening.

“I felt sold out,” he explains quietly, almost sadly.. His parents, liberal and convinced of mystical mandate, gave up their son without hesitation. “From Alpujarra, I went to another world,” explains one that has been a cultural rarity for more than a decade.

The thought of holiness overwhelmed him, but over the years, the Donkey realized that this was something “good in essence.” Donkey: Journey to Infinity It’s a journey through a cultural heritage experience that has placed him at the center of a strange diatribe. Was he really the chosen one? Was there a real possibility that he was the reincarnation of a lama?

Donkey Hita Torres.

Amazing tour of Donkey: Journey to Infinity

Donkey: Journey to Infinity avoid speculation on topics of an abstract nature and focuses on the protagonist’s experience. In particular, he does it in such a way that the path from an ordinary Spanish boy to a small celebrity ruined his childhood. But beyond that, how this fact gave him the opportunity to grow up among an amazing environment.

In such extraordinary circumstances that the documentary studiously avoids sensationalism and extravagance. Donkey: Journey to Infinity it has a melancholic shade of childhood and the miracle of the possible. Beyond being a reflection on the root of great beliefs and, ultimately, the painful spaces in which they connect with everyday life.

Fugitive from god

But apart from the experience, which took him decades to fully understand, the Donkey survived. One of the weight of the pressure that his supposed fate at the door rested on his shoulders. In particular, from the feeling of being a stranger everywhere. A being alienated by a mystical reverence that completely isolated him from the Western world. In the end, Donkey fled to Spain at the age of 18.but documentary Donkey: Journey to Infinity he is less interested in the anecdote’s outrageousness than in what made its protagonist flee.

Lucas Figueroa, director Donkey: Journey to Infinityalong with Donkey Hita Torres.

“I am who I am,” says Donkey, dodging the question of whether he considers himself a reincarnation of a lama or ever believed in it. Before that, the person that he is considers the possibility of redemption, a kind look at the past. But, in particular, to accept that his life is a confluence of inexplicable circumstances. “Sometimes chance is everything.”

What the documentary tells from a cautious distance. It’s obvious that Donkey: Journey to Infinity he does not want to judge what happened, but allows Ozel to tell his story. A wise decision that gives the production the appearance of a confession with a deep personal meaning.

Donkey: Journey to Infinity and his life lessons

Figueroa links history Donkey: Journey to Infinity with a friendly tour of the idea of ​​holiness. “I wasn’t sure what was going on, but overall it was good,” Osel insists. Of course, there is nothing so simple, much less idyllic. Little by little, the boy, who was considered the future leader, began to understand the cracks in his world. “I realized that I am not the center of the world, and it was a shock.”

With precision and elegance, Donkey: Journey to Infinity tells an almost unbelievable story and gives it a familiar and intimate feel. Thanks to the notes of relatives, friends and even Osel’s parents, the narrative is filled with emotions and becomes more solid. For his latest chapter, something is clear.

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The documentary is a captivating journey through an event that goes beyond mere understanding of what is possible, but is nonetheless human. “After all, we are all saints in one way or another,” insists Osel, who, in more than three decades of his life, understands the meaning of a simple truth. “The world exists inherently, you just have to discover it.”

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