If there was a desire to buy an electric scooter, there was a week left to choose one manufacturer. The niche is popular, supply follows the demand.

The only problem is that, together with responsible women, they are pulling up homemade of all stripes. It’s easy to run into outright scammers.

So here’s another trusted OKAI brand for you. Own production, universal test sites, offices in Europe and China, 17 years of experience and so on.

The company has a wide offer in other countries, and it is now entering the Russian market (unlike many others). OKAI’s experience has been in the rental industry, so I have little doubt about their competence.

For a week I tested the OKAI ES520 electric scooter, the top of the local OKAI range at the moment. It has competitive technical equipment: mileage of 55 km on a single charge, speed of 25 km, lightness, assembly in 2 seconds, thoughtfully assembled and looking solid. And there is an application.

For a week of collecting random impressions so that you can decide exactly whether to trust a new brand or not.

Characteristics and characteristics of the side

OKAI is a fairly experienced company with a large production portfolio, I’m not surprised that there are no “drawdowns” in hardware in terms of numbers.

The set of characteristics of the OKAI ES520 electric scooter is universal and is in the public domain of public transport. Speed ​​at the level expected by law is faster than most in its class.

While almost all scooters reduce the maximum number of kilograms of weight, the OKAI ES520 electric scooter requires the most kilograms. 120 kg load.

▪️ maximum speed: up to 25 km/h
▪️ Brake: disc rear and electronic front
▪️ Engine power: up to 600 watts
▪️ Power reserve: 55 km

▪️ maximum load: 120 kg

▪️ Wheel diameter: 10 inches

▪️ Tire Type: Tubeless
▪️Waterproof: IP55
▪️ Battery: 13.4Ah / 36V / 270Wh / 7500mAh
▪️ Max. tilt angle: 24 degrees
▪️ Weight: 16.9 kg

Sleek design and sturdy build

The OKAI ES520 electric scooter with its sleek lines and one-piece build that reminds me of a drop that is built in transportation. Most of all, this feeling is complemented by a steering computer streamlined shape.

A quality shot is built into the body, all faces pass from one to another.

A reflector and a bright spotlight are provided in the front of the steering wheel, it shines so that it is built not for show.

For safety, there are additional reflectors on the sides of the front wheel, this has never happened before.

Behind a working headlight with an additional reflector, which is activated by pressing the brake. Like the front one, it shines powerfully.

Frame Equipped with water and dust protection according to IP55 standard. This means that you can safely ride in the rain and windy conditions near the sand without having to insulate after purchase.

External cables enter the body through rubber plugs, the deck is rubberized on top, all parts are joined tightly to each other.

From splashes when driving through mud and puddles, riders’ legs are protected by two wings. I liked the larger rear that retains the fairing, the quality of the built-in brake light, and the locking fold hook.

Regarding the body, standing on it all, I did not feel any backlash, creaking. The reliability of the design is felt immediately.

Proven Management

The screen is bright and informative

I liked the handles, which are nice to hold on to. They are large and textured for a comfortable grip.

On the sides are available classic acceleration and braking levers. To the right is the speed of speed, to the left we are slowing down. Bell on the left side in the form of a ring for a signal.

Stopping distance is short

A direct-series single steering wheel when detected, there is a button for turning on the scooter and headlights. One application wakes up transport, two options turn on a spotlight.

To put down the OKAI ES520 electric scooter, you need to fold the front lock and lower the handlebar.

The headlight is bright, reflectors on all four sides

Weight 16.9 kg is good for the rest of the feature

To the left of the accelerator pedal there is a special metal loop into which a hook on the rear fender is threaded for easy carrying.

The process takes a matter of seconds and does not require waiting.

Sometimes such designs came across that after them felt like a reference. It is assembled just as quickly: they pulled the hook out of the loop, raised the steering wheel and clicked the lock.

Collected for the city to the smallest detail

The scooter provides 6 useful design aspects at once for nimble and safe movement through streets of all shapes and sizes.

one. Big 10 inch tubeless wheels are well cushioned by ours, to put it mildly, shooting roads and relieve you of the fear of puncturing or bursting a tire. I feel more confident.

2. The electromagnetic/disc hybrid brake decelerates slowly, keeping you from flying over the handlebars while decelerating quickly.

3. The scooter is front-wheel drive, the drive wheel behind its monolithic disk rotates the motor, the power of which varies from 300 to 600 watts. It depends on the driving mode, the angle of inclination and smart traction economy.

four. He can go upstairs very hard. The power of 600W is needed for two purposes: to smoothly extend the angle up to 24 degrees and a rider weighing up to 120kg. It is even surprising that an accurate and light scooter weighs only 16.9 kg for such a leader.

5. The footrest is removed and pulled out with a slight movement. I was found with other models of shoes, when I almost tore my whole body in an attempt to quickly recline the holder. And then one stroke, and the fixation is ready.

6. The charging port is located right on the deck, the location, the wire is long and convenient. Charges in 6 hours, put it on the very night.

Application makes drawing

The presence of the application from the company once again proves that we are talking about an experienced manufacturer, and not an amateur. get rich on the hype

Registration here is standard, you can immediately select the region of Russia (it is here!), The scooter automatically occurs via bluetooth and is recognized as a device on your device.

By clicking on the icon with it, you entered the “control center”. There is a section with maximum approximation, diagnostics, battery information and setting up driving modes.

And at the top there are three buttons: blocking the scooter, adjusting the speed and searching for the scooter.

The information is not given out for show and appearance, but quite seriously.

The state of the battery differs in the number of recharge cycles, the temperature and the “rating” of the cells, that is, the health of the battery.

Diagnostics is almost everything: voltage, temperature sensor, rider recognition on the deck, communication bus, turn sensors and so on.


If there is a breakdown of the smell, then you can independently determine the problem, first of all, than listening to the master, who on his own can incorrectly find the breakdown.

During the trip, the smartphone turns into a navigator, taking into account the speed indicator. Now it is not necessary to look at the built-in screen when there is a window with the route traveled, speedometer and battery status.

At the end of the trip, the application gives short statistics with the distance traveled and the time on the road.

Yuri friend with impressive mileage

If you choose yourself reliable electric scooter for everything and for a long timeespecially looked at.

Lightweight, quick to disassemble and manoeuvrable, the most in urban conditions. For their 45 000 rubles this proposal seems to be quite a fair and justified one.

❗️ Stock:

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During testing, the OKAI ES520 electric scooter showed itself on the best side. A fair mileage of 55km on a single charge, even hill climbing, soft cushioning, and quality build make it a no-brainer in its own right.

Judging by experience, it can be safely put on a par with top competitors. The experienced OKAI obviously knows what she’s doing. This is especially noticeable when looking at their test sites and producing increased power.

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