Premieres in May hbo max They will serve to update some series on the platform and introduce new ones. Meanwhile, several titles will also appear on the platform, according to what is presented on his Instagram profile (although no specific premiere date has been given). Mostly the dates are announced through their social media when it comes to movies.

As for the series, HBO Max premieres include titles such as brave men, stairs and the launch of the second season Khaki, among others. As with this latest series, there are also news from others that already have their first season, such as made for love D Three Busy Debras. The latter will have weekly chapters.

Most of the HBO Max releases this month are movie-related. Although there are no specific dates for them. titles will be added as Death of Smoochi, Jurassic Park, Jack Kangaroo D live at night, along with other news. The full list of premieres is as follows.

Series: HBO Max Premieres

  • brave men. 5 May.
  • stairs. the 6th of May.
  • Khaki. Season 2 12 May.
  • time traveler’s wife. May 15.
  • legendary. Season 3 May 19.
  • made for love. Season 2, with weekly episodes.
  • Three Busy Debras. Season 2, with weekly episodes
  • Stewardess. Season 2. The first four episodes are already available.


  • Death of Smooch.
  • Jurassic Park.
  • Kangaroo Jack.
  • Live at night.
  • Magnolia.
  • Mama mia!
  • Full mouth of air.
  • Mr Dead.
  • Astronaut’s wife
  • Risky business.
  • This is my boy.
  • Good German.
  • Invasion.
  • Zombieland.
  • Fun.

Documentaries: HBO Max Premieres

  • Spring awakening: those you knew.
  • CPR: secret power.


  • Ninja Batman.
  • My babysitter is a vampire. Season 1 summer camp island. Season 5

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