A week ago we took stock of the situation of the productions set up Wizarding World of Harry Potter and to the rumors that are circulating, also in connection with possible television productions related to the Magic World. Sarah Aubrey, head of original series production at HBO Max, denies anything is currently in active development, but the actual possibilities are being explored.

There’s nothing like a Harry Potter fan, in terms of hunger for new stories and new ways to interact with those characters. So let it be Reunion [del cast dei film] whether live events or video games, we’re very busy creating new content for these fans and thinking about what to do next. We currently have no series in active development. But we’re in because fans are clamoring for new stories.

What could a TV series be about? The possibilities are endless: live action adaptations of some of the spin-off video games of recent years, a prequel to the Marauders years at Hogwarts, the story of the founders of Hogwarts of Ilvermorny, a detective procedural set in a Auror Garrison… these are just some of the most “trivial” proposals! We will see.

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Source: Lega Nerd

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