In the Netflix series 1899, reality is split into several versions. So much so that the very essence of what the characters believe to be true is maintained and connected to subjective ideas. What is time, identity and experience when everything can be transformed again and again? It’s the premise that raises the series’ arguments and that, in its final chapters, takes it to a more complex, bizarre, and surreal level.

But in 1899In addition, the version of what is happening has several facets. The script structures a kaleidoscopic vision of time, space, and even elements that support the psychology of its protagonists. Each circumstance depends on the point of view from which it is analyzed.. Also the story that the character can tell about what surrounds him. For his last chapters, 1899 this shows that his scene not only has innumerable planes of interpretation. In addition, each of them submits to an individual point of view, independent of the others.

It is then that the series finds its most philosophical point. If before chapter six, 1899 He played with the interpretation of reality, moving towards his goal, he included an element of probability. At the same time subjective or very personal understanding of each fact. The argument then begins to make it clear that everything that happens is in a certain order. Which also ties into the old concept of partial truth that the show uses as a link to something deeper. We are talking about Plato’s allegory about the cave.. AT 1899The premise allows you to present the levels and dimensions of reality from a completely new perspective.

The main philosophy in 1899

Series 1899 he uses Plato’s allegory as a starting point for a more complex conception of reality, reason, and interpretation of the world. According to the philosopher, what we perceive as tangible is a perspective that may or may not be true, depending on the depth. To illustrate this idea, Plato describes a hypothetical scenario in which a group of prisoners are imprisoned in a cave. All the small crowd can see is a wall reflecting the shadows of the real world. In other words, a tertiary or derivative projection of what may or may not actually be behind it.

However, the prisoners never get a detailed explanation of the transposed world they see, so they must find their own concept. There is no exact explanation for reality. This causes limitations on what they can see, hear, and interpret in order to determine the world around them. The most curious thing is that Plato delves into the possibility that prisoners will accept the world as it is shown to them. Thus, they do not doubt the meaning of what they see, let alone reconstruct the data at their disposal.

Plato’s allegory has been used in various films, especially science fiction such as interstellar Christopher Nolan and Shutter Island Martin Scorsese. In both, reality is limited to being translated through the resources of its characters and how they can understand it.

The same thing that is happening on a colossal scale in 1899. In the series, reality is a distorted perception. So much so that it can change, deconstruct and be forgotten in precise cycles. And all this without the characters questioning what they see or understand with the most complex ideas available to them.

It all starts with Plato

Actually, 1899 She is very direct when presenting an idea. Henry recalls that Maura was obsessed with Plato’s allegory when she was younger. It is more than likely that Maura used the idea of ​​reality, which can be interpreted through his limitations of the philosophical premise. However, after he lost his memory and Henry took control of the serial rethinking of reality, she herself became a victim of his experiment.


Again and again, reality for Maura became a series of interconnected symbols and goals that supported the possibility of reality in reality. 1899. Especially since, since Heinrich is also part of the simulation, Plato’s allegory becomes an endless repetition of decisions. Deconstruct reality until it becomes unrecognizable, and even create a simple twisted version of a much larger idea.

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