Avatar 2 is just around the corner. Delayed by almost a decade, James Cameron’s new installment is one of the promises for 2022 cinema. And also for the sector of special effects and science fiction. However, the expectations were that Avatar: Path of Water facing a serious problem. To be profitable, it must beat its predecessor’s record. The good news – at least for James Cameron – is that he probably will.

The cost of the first Avatar movie was $237 million. His box office receipts continue to be by far the highest in nearly 10 years of his life. $2.922 million worldwide. A figure that, without detracting from it, surpasses new releases, including Avengers: Endgame– with new releases in theaters and simultaneous withdrawals from streaming platforms.

Anyway, avatar 2 has a mission to surpass the first. There are no figures in the table, but it is already known that it was more expensive. A lot more. So you have to work really hard on your billboard presence. Something that James Cameron is still an expert at; after all, it was a decade preparing the expectation of a sequel Avatar. The target is ambitious for the early days given the current state of theaters and the economy. To be considered profitable, it must bring in about $2.1 billion. From there everything will be profit. Much more than the $1,486 million Top Gun: Maverick made from its world premiere. Considered a success for an unreliable 2022 in theaters.

Avatar 2 did what others couldn’t.

Nonetheless, avatar 2 achieved something that other prime ministers could not. Something that could be the perfect solution to future money problems. On the one hand, on your side is the Disney advertising machine, which has already turned on the machines to make Avatar: Path of Water Christmas premiere. On the other hand, she also managed to release the film – at the same time as the rest of the planet – in the most profitable country. Against all odds, as expected DiversityJames Cameron’s title debuts in China.

This is truly surprising considering that China has stepped up its level of censorship in recent months. While rejecting most of the North American titles of the so-called western conquest, it also rejected any nuance relating to LGTBIQ+’s collective or sexual content. Apparently, Avatar: Waterway passed the sieve.

Avatar 2 will hit theaters in China on December 16.. No delays, as is the case with other games that had to wait weeks and even months to see them on the big Asian screens.

In any case, it’s not surprising. Despite Chinese protection of its own titles, Avatar made a splash when it was released in 2010. It was the first film to reach $139 million in the country, where each re-release of the title has continued to be a success. And Cameron has a lot of confidence in the Chinese market. If all goes well, the director will ensure that he achieves his goal of an Avatar 5 premiere. If the box office is not met, the story will likely remain in Avatar 3, which will hit theaters on December 20, 2024.

Avatar: Path of Water will be released next December 15 exclusively in theaters. Already in the early days, we can get an idea of ​​whether it will be a success at the international box office.

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