The best discounted smart speakers on Amazon Black Friday

Echo speakers are the best options if you want to control your smart home with your voice.

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With Black Friday in full swing and the biggest sale day approaching, many devices are starting to show their lowest prices of the year. Today I want to bring you a list Amazon Echo smart speakers They’ve lowered the prices unbelievably. All of them just ticked off their historical minimum prices.

Having a smart speaker Not just for listening to music.but for much more. Controlling light bulbs, LED strips, smart plugs, robot vacuums and more with your voice was something we couldn’t have imagined a few years ago. from €17,99 You can have a smart speaker.

Buy an Echo smart speaker from 17.99 euros

echo point 5

The Echo Dot 5 is Amazon’s newest great jewel, including the temperature sensor.

When it comes to smart speakers, Amazon is king. although they exist Other alternatives to AlexaLike Siri or Google Assistant, Amazon’s virtual assistant has quickly outstripped others in recent years. Echo devices a direct connection to our smart devices From home, the fastest way to activate them with just our voice.

One of the best in its entire catalog, the 4th generation Echo has a ball-shaped and very small size, very successful sound power. combines 3-inch woofer and two 0.8-inch tweeters This achieves a great and well-defined sound. We also have a 3.5mm Jack port to connect to external audio equipment if needed. Have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to use it in two ways. You can configure it to deal with you by three names, Echo, Alexa or Amazon.

Echo (4th generation)

The rest of the Echo speakers offered are 3rd and 5th generation Echo Dots. They can be yours for 17.99 or 24.99 euros, respectively.. 5th generation not much has changed Regarding the 4th, except for the inclusion of a temperature sensor and an accelerometer to use the touch functions. The 3rd generation Echo Dot has one advantage, and it’s Emits 360 degree sound. Although its power is slightly less than the new model, it more than meets the needs of rooms of approximately 20 m².

  • Echo Dot (3rd generation) with 49.99 17,99€.
  • Echo Dot (5th generation) with 59.99 €24.99.

Both models will not disappoint you at all. It’s a shame the Echo Dot 4 is no longer available on Amazon. I made my own with 5 units I bought this model last year and distributed it all over the house. I can turn the lights on and off with them, listen music with multi-room mode without delay or enable clean up from home or alarm.

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