When the scandal broke with FTX in hand Sam Bankman-Fried, they all agreed on something: this is a film history. Literally. So much so that the fall from grace exchange Cryptocurrency already has several bidders. The latest of these is Amazon, which seems to have already greenlit a mini-series about the FTX scandal and its founder.

However, they are not the first to show interest in FTX’s bankruptcy. Apple has already shown interest in bringing Michael Lewis’s book about the company to the screen.

This is an interesting story. Major streaming platforms have long looked to the villains of the moment for inspiration: founders of tech companies embroiled in scandals. Disney+ brought the Theranos story to the screen in a masterful way. Amanda Seyfried. Apple TV+ will have its own movie during 2023. There was also a place for Travis Kalanick in super pumped talking about Uber’s darkest moments. And, of course, We are working and the bursting of his bubble in the hands of Adam Neumann. The bankruptcy of FTX undoubtedly had all the prerequisites for success. Although unlike its predecessors, which took years to reach the screens, the broadcast in this case will be almost direct.

FTX, a story that will have it all

In the case of Amazon and on advances Diversity, production will be handled by two of Hollywood’s most famous characters: the Russo brothers. The creators of one of the highest-grossing films in history are second only to Avatar, Avengers: Endgameput his hand of Marvel’s Midas into FTX history with the controversial Sam Bankman-Fried at the helm. The first rumors actually suggest that the casting industry may have started picking the cast for one of the films. Avengers and even Amazon will try to get the brothers to take over. Together with Dave Weil, creator Invasionthere would already be a full story of 8 episodes on the table.

First exchange, his rise to the top of cryptocurrencies in the Bahamas, his current financial crisis and accounting scandals. Everything is based, according to Amazon, on reports and stories from journalists who have been investigating the FTX story for a long time.

As the Russo brothers explain in a statement from Amazon, this story will touch on all topics:

“It touches on many sectors: celebrities, politics, academia, technology, crime, sex, drugs and the future of modern finance. At the center of it all is an extremely enigmatic figure with complex and potentially dangerous motives. We want to understand why.”

How much time left to see Sam Bankman-Freed’s FTX story on Amazon Prime streaming? The platform also does not give a production date for it, though it is expected to start recording. sometime next spring.

What is still not clear is where Amazon will put an end to a story that is being written almost live. As FTX collapsed earlier this month, exposing chaos in one of exchange Sam Bankman-Fried’s incompetence is also more popular, problems have not ceased to come out on all counts. From the fraudulent use of customer data and the eventual purchase of Binance – its main competitor – it came to nothing due to long-term falsified accounts.

Funds to buy mansions for FTX employees, millions of dollars in debt to creditors, users trying – in vain – to get their funds back, or, of course, trying to buy Twitter before Hurricane Elon Musk hit a few weeks ago. All seasoned with missing employees and co-founders from public life. And finally, bankruptcy. The Russo brothers will have something to tell a story that never ceases to raise issues every day.

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