As a rule, Marvel movie trailers “hide” some clues about the story that awaits us on the big screen. It’s clear, yes, that not all of them end up becoming reality, as the production company led by Kevin Feige has taken the liberty of fooling the public with some escapades. Nonetheless, it is possible that the first trailer Guardians of the Galaxy 3 there is indeed a premonition of tragedy. In particular, the death of a character, very expensive fandom.

Nowadays, after the many adventures that space warriors have experienced both in their films and in crossovers With other superheroes, it’s hard to imagine that Marvel would dare to kill someone. However, since Guardians of the Galaxy 3 intends to close the band’s history and say goodbye to James Gunn’s career in the Marvel Cinematic Universe along the way, it’s no wonder we have to say goodbye to a member.

What are we talking about? Well from the very rocket. Before delving into the evidence the trailer leaves behind about his eventual death, we must remember that the narrative of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will be almost entirely focused on that character. History tries to tell us about the origin of the the adorable Baby Rocket will appear for a little while.

Obviously, he will also face his past, and this is where the name of his creator, the villain, comes in. high evolutionary. Chukwudi Iwuji, the actor who played him, stated a few months ago that the introduction of his antagonist is “complex and extremely powerful.” In other words, the Guardians will have to face a very serious threat whose intelligence is admirable.

Looking at the trailer Guardians of the Galaxy 3, you can already see some scenes that lead to a sad moment. For example, Rocket himself mentions a phrase that could go a long way in his future: i’m done runningwhat can we translate into spanish as “I’m tired of running away”. How many times have we heard those words when the hero of a TV show, movie, or video game is about to die? Quite a bit of…

In advance, on the other hand, there is a sequence where Peter Quill (Star-Lord) screams in anguish. Did you see the Rocket die?

Also not to be ignored is the fact that Star-Lord himself appears firing behind Groot while both turn to cover all possible flanks. This movement was very characteristic of Rocket and the aforementioned Groot. Perhaps the tree creature has lost its inseparable friend and is now repeating the same thing with Peter Quill.

To all of the above, we can add that James Gunn stated in 2017 that Rocket’s origin will be interpreted differently than in the comics. “As you know, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the way these characters are handled. But in 616 [Tierra-616] is different. We will learn more about the origin of the Rocket in the following sagas. We already know a lot about its origin. When you analyze it It’s a little more gruesome than in the comics.“, he commented.

Although there are several clues pointing to Rocket’s death in Guardians of the Galaxy 3we will have to be patient and wait for its premiere on May 5, 2023. Prepare fabrics just in case..

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