Video game adaptations have, for the most part, been a resounding failure. However, HBO Max is doing everything possible to make the series Last of us completely distance yourself from unsuccessful projects. Now, while showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckman respect Naughty Dog’s original story, they also intend to immerse yourself in it to a level never seen before in the game.

Neil Druckmann already warned a few months ago that since this is an adaptation, they will definitely have to make some minor changes. Cause? The series is aimed at a much wider audience than the video game. Therefore, they must be ready to arouse the interest of different types of public.

However, Craig Mazin behind the scenes shared the production, revealed what we didn’t know, and it’s quite interesting. series Last of us will not only adapt events already seen in the video game, but it will also delve into moments that, for one reason or another, were not included in the gameplay..

The fact is that those moments that probably did not matter much in the game, in the series, can contribute to strengthening the narrative. “When you’re porting something like a video game, you have to make the changes smartly. We count more. there is something else in betweenMazin commented.

series Last of us delve into the history of games

So far, yes, they have not specified what type of events they are going to develop. For our part, we can intuitively understand that the secondary characters, those in the first part Last of us they had a brief presence, but also a key one, they will have a more detailed development. After all, there are other situations that must have happened when Joel and Ellie went on a perilous adventure through Boston.

Be careful, the above does not mean that the main characters will not have new stories to tell. In fact, in late 2022, Neil Druckmann announced that on the show, Joel would have a hearing problem caused by the gunshot. This handicap has not been addressed in the game and can indeed play a role in dangerous situations.

While these changes and narrative suggestions may seem very important to some fans, the truth is that they are welcome. Provided, of course, that they are properly developed. Showrunners Last of us promised that their products won’t repeat mistakes Game of Thrones. That is, trying to explore stories or characters that were not even invented by George R.R. Martin.

We have no plans to tell any stories other than game adaptations.. We won’t run into the same problem as we did on Game of Thrones starting with The Last of Us Part II. [el segundo juego] doesn’t end with a cliffhanger,” said Neil Druckmann. Hollywood Reporter.

Basically, the story is already well defined by the games, so no need for improvisation. Remember that the creators Game of Thronesover the past few seasons they have been forced to create their own storyline because George R.R. Martin didn’t finish winter winds in time. Fortunately, with Last of us there will be no business.

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