Mir will introduce the deferred payment of taxis and orders in the markets, Tinkoff will launch a service to return funds stolen by phone scammers and other news on August 30.

Mir will introduce deferred payment in the markets, Tinkoff will return the stolen money: the main thing on August 30


  • Five regions of the Russian Central Federal District and Sevastopol were attacked by combat drones. The most powerful attack occurred at the Pskov airport, writes TASS.


  • The Mir payment system will introduce the deferred payment of taxis and orders in the markets. There is now such functionality when paying for public transport, RBC found.


  • The GFN.ru cloud gaming platform (which uses Nvidia technology) will shut down on October 1. The company will stop signing up new customers and selling subscriptions from one month to one year from September 1.
  • Japanese automaker Toyota Motor has resumed operations at its facility, the assembly of which had previously been halted after a system failure, the company said in a statement.

Services and technologies

  • Tinkoff announced the launch of a service to return funds stolen by phone scammers. You’ll block suspicious transactions with an AI-enhanced fraud monitoring system.
  • The Golden Crown payment system was the target of a DDoS attack. Downtime threatens the service with direct and irreparable financial loss, Kommersant writes.


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