AT snow girl from Netflix, it is urgent to solve the crime. One with no clear evidence other than a yellow cloak on the ground and a crowd of bystanders who don’t remember the evidence. But the script doesn’t take the easy route of telling a complex investigation between cops, tables, and unfounded conclusions. This is a story about realistic characters who struggle to cope with pain and disappointment. The mystery is the center of the story, but also the invisible threads that unite its participants. The best moment of the film adaptation of Javier Castillo’s novel of the same name is when he realizes that the answer to his riddle lies in finding a lost girl who can die for the slightest mistake.

Production knows its strength lies in taking stock and focusing all of its efforts on that opportunity. What makes the production not deviate from its task: to unravel what surrounds the crime. At the same time, that every clue – real or deceptive – is more than a cliché or a commonplace. All script efforts are focused on this possible answer. A brilliant decision, especially when the story is about the hundredth time about a mysterious disappearance, which, apparently, has no plausible explanation.

But it is clear that writers Jesús Mesas Silva and Javier Andrés Roig associate suspense in different shades. The most important is the police version, in which Inspector Millan (Aisha Villagran) devotes his time and energy to a routine investigation. snow girl This suggests that perhaps his veteran sense of smell is the first challenge to overcome. After all, how do you know that the case in question corresponds to all your vast experience in identical situations? What will allow you to discover what makes you different from others?

snow girl hides a deeper secret

But the legal method is necessary and repeatable. It is the connection with the ordinary that makes Amaya’s case difficult. snow girl He passes this off as seemingly commonplace, but as he goes deeper, he shows that this is not at all the case. That allows you to view it from different angles. From the simplicity of a single trace of a lost little girl to the evidence that what happened hides the worst event.

snow girl use the drive to find out the truth as a resource to keep the story moving quickly and smoothly. In particular, when you have to deal with the fact that this is a film adaptation of a popular novel, the denouement of which is familiar to most viewers.

How to give new air to such a room? In this way, the plot uses the best of the original material to create a representation of an overbearing search for answers. Eduardo (Jose Coronado), a seasoned journalist, knows that the Amaya case is more complicated than the missing girl. At the same time, that this connection with what could be an imminent tragedy requires your maximum effort. The question of whether the victim will survive his disappearance remains a constant one.

Journey in search of truth

A mystery that is first based on fighting against time with clues that lead nowhere. Much less durable to be anything more than small signs of obscure circumstance on the bottom of the hull. snow girl He has the peculiarity of being a mystery within another. It soon becomes clear in the script that, despite efforts to find Amaya, the truth about her whereabouts is part of something more tragic.

Gradually, the series builds up what seems to be its seedy place. The event begins to torment DI Millan in a well constructed narrative twist that reflects sensitivity rather than cynicism. He knows missing a girl is a statistic. For her, it’s a face.

But this is the official’s point of view. In the institution to which he belongs, this is one of the countless crimes committed daily. The pain of the character is a symbol of many years of inability to see the same bloody scenarios. “She won’t be the last girl to disappear,” she complains quietly. “The next one will make us forget about Amaya.”

All roads to snow girl lead to a tragic reaction

Over time, the case fades and disappears from the present. That’s when it becomes an obsession for Millan, the parents of Amaya and Eduardo. The argument is not limited to the study of the suffering of crime affecting the family.

snow girl

At the same time, it creates a sense of shock wave for everyone involved. Little by little, the silence around the fate of the victim under unforeseen circumstances becomes deafening.

Like the book, the adaptation carefully depicts the landscape a crime that leads to a more confusing episode. At the same time, a family disaster symbolizing what happened to Amaya for everyone involved. One of the important points of the script is to give consistent importance to the subplots. And this despite the fact that all the attention of the plot is focused on finding the missing girl. However, the probability that there will never be answers is constant.

Fight even when it seems like all is lost

Perhaps for this reason, Eduardo needs Miren (Milena Smith), younger and with the idealism of a journalist who is still in training. The collaboration between the trio is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the production.

Snow Girl, Netflix Series

Together they will be investigated from a new perspective. From the experience and perspicacity of journalists to the intuition of the police. What happened to Amaya becomes a massive mystery of sorts. Each, for his part and point of view, will investigate the case on fragments of information that needs to be supplemented.

For the last chapter snow girl, in which the answer to the question of Amaya’s whereabouts arrives, the series reaches its most difficult point. Also, the most dramatic and best narrated. One of the great virtues snow girl is to achieve a reliable and emotional result. There are no half-measures in this painful story, which uses the cliches of suspense to tell a premise based on plausibility. Perhaps his greatest merit.

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