Actress Annie Wersing He passed away this Sunday, January 29th. His death surprised the entertainment industry and fans of series such as 24 D Boschin which he participated. This is also true for video game lovers. Last of us: Wersching played one of the key characters in this franchise.

In 2020, Annie Wersching was reported to be suffering from cancer. This illness, however, did not completely stop his acting dynamics: during these years he participated in projects such as Star Trek: Picard And in Newbie.

video game fans Last of uswhose HBO television adaptation is one of the most talked about hits today, you may remember Annie Wersching because she voiced the character Tess. It’s about the main companion of Joel, the game’s other protagonist, before Ellie’s arrival.

Annie Wersching death announcement

Through a statement Stephen fullAnnie Wersching’s husband, said the following:

“Today, there is a void in the heart of the family, but they left us the tools to fill it. She always found miracle in simple moments. I didn’t need music to dance. He taught us not to wait for adventure to find you. Go find. He is everywhere and we will find him. We will do it”.

So far, this is not the only published statement. John Kassarwho directed and produced 24said the following in another text:

“My heart is broken into more pieces than I can count. Annie approached me with an open heart and an infectious smile. She became more than just a colleague she was a true friend to me, my family and all the cast and crew that worked with her.. Annie, we will miss you, you left your mark, and we are only better for it.

when he passes by 24 His work has also been featured in the following television productions, the format in which his career has developed the most:

  • Bosch
  • fugitives
  • Newbie
  • Star Trek: Picard

your work in Last of us

Long before Last of us phenomenon gamer and from streaming Just like today, Annie Wersching voiced a character that has remained in the hearts of a few video game fans, perhaps thousands: Tess. For those who haven’t followed the game or the TV adaptation, she is a woman who serves as a stand-in for Joel Miller, the main character.

Tess has a tough personality, but she brings a sensitivity and complicity that humanizes her, as does Joel. Annie Wersching came up with this figure in 2013 when the company released a video game. playful puppy. Neil Druckmann, one of the creators of the game and a key character in the television adaptation of The Last of Us, posted through his Twitter profile next:

“I miss my friend who helped revive Tess. Annie, you left us too soon. You will always be part of the TLoU and Naughty Dog family!”

A sign that Annie Wersching’s departure is not only affecting the world of TV and series, but one with which relationships are growing more and more: video games. The actress was identified as a reserved person and at the same time, as follows from the messages expressed, a very warm woman and mother.

Source: Hiper Textual

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