After months of work and patience from the side fandom, James Gunn has finally envisioned the future of DC Studios. In the first phase, there will be 10 productions divided between television and cinema. In the second sector, the new film “Man of Steel” stands out, Superman: Legacywhich It will not star Henry Cavill.. Taking advantage of such an important announcement, Gunn also made the decision to leave the actor.

Due to the huge speculation and speculation surrounding the controversial issue, James Gunn clarified some important points in an interview with Hollywood Reporter. The first, claimed that DC didn’t fire Henry Cavill. It’s just that the actor was hired for a bit part in the post-credits scene of the film. Black Adambut not more.

James Gunn adds that he has a new vision for Superman, but it doesn’t include Henry Cavill. Exactly because of this reason, Superman: Legacy there will be a new actor.

We didn’t fire Henry. He was never abandoned [de Superman Legacy]. For me it’s a matter of who I want to play as Superman and who are the directors we want to cast. For this story, it’s not Henry.

James Gunn.

So… why did Henry Cavill announce his triumphant return as Superman in October 2022? This is where the shadow business begins. As James Gunn noted, the former administration of the District of Columbia, among others, they cheated the actor.

“I like Henry, he’s a great guy. I think that many people are deceiving you, including the old mode of this company. But this Superman [el de la nueva película]for various reasons, not for Henry.

James Gunn.

Henry Cavill did not sign any contracts other than a cameo Black Adam

Superman, Unreal Engine 5, Henry Cavill

From my side, screen tirade He also tried to delve into the topic during a Q&A session with James Gunn. The manager assured that DC never asked Henry Cavill to play Superman in a new movie.

All I can tell you right now is that Henry and Ben [Affleck] they are not part of this universe. It is important to say that Henry Cavill was not fired. Henry just wasn’t hired for the next Superman movie. Never had a contract for another film.

James Gunn.

Obviously, some people at DC Studios to secure Henry Cavill’s cameo Black Adam, he was promised a project that was not even implemented. Will be Dwayne Johnson among those involved? It is possible, because the actor did everything possible so that a man of steel appeared in his feature film. At one point, he even stated that he wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer from Warner.

Be careful when Henry Cavill announced his return as Superman, the production company was still running a different administration. James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the reins at the end of October and have been working on the future of DC ever since. One of the first decisions was to green-light a new Superman movie, but without Henry Cavill.

James Gunn has previously stated that this was not a personal issue for Henry Cavill. What’s going on is Superman: Legacy will focus on the character’s early days as a superhero. Hence, they need a younger actor for the role.

Fortunately, Henry Cavill understood the situation. “After all, I will not return as Superman. After the studio told me to announce my return in October before he was hired [de James Gunn como director de DC]. This news is not the easiest, but such is life. The changing of the guard is taking place. I respect that,” he commented in December.

Source: Hiper Textual

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