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To repeat the success of The Squid Game, the sound of magic has arrived on Netflix.


As the show’s synopsis itself explains, The Sound of Magic tells the story of a magician who lives in an abandoned amusement park, lives a difficult life, clears a disenchanted teenager’s problems and gives him hope again. another Korean hit).

Currently the series has a newly aired season, consists of six episodes, averaging 70 minutes.It’s a very common format in Korea as far as we can verify.

And although it has nothing to do with it, everyone is betting on this series as the successor to The Squid Game, but not the plot at the level of success (they have absolutely nothing to do with each other).


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This romantic drama playing with drama based on webtoons (or doramas) is already starting to pop up, or so the specialty media says. This K-Pop twist is key in making the series explode. Here we leave you the Netflix link so you can watch it now.

All the actors are young, handsome and a great mystery surrounds them.. Without a doubt, they are ideal ballot papers to entice millions of young people, both Asian and Western. And more so with the Korean fever that the entire Western world is experiencing.

The series is produced by JTBC studios, with which Netflix has worked many times. Netflix streams many of JTBC’s series only internationally and also some worldwide.

Unlike the dramas that come to Netflix weekly from Korea, this time Netflix got all the episodes of The Sound of Magic at once, American company style. So you can watch the whole series now. Although it will take almost 7 hours of your time.

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