The story universe of one of the most famous anti-heroes on modern television will continue to expand. Franchise dexterstarring Michael C Hallthere will be several projects along which the main story will branch, the one that has already begun to spread with Dexter: New Blood. This is part of a series of decisions taken Chris McCarthy.

McCarthy is the spokesperson Paramount Global and has under his leadership various projects owned by the channel show time. Among them, one of the most striking is franchising. dexter. It should be remembered that at first it was just a series that told the story of Dexter Morgan, a killer who prefers criminals who escaped justice.

Success dexter, especially in the first few seasons, was wonderful. During the time when streaming The series was not positioned as it is today, and became a benchmark in the world of television. Showtime made the most of this story, bringing it to 9 seasons. However, his end left much more doubt than certainty.

Franchise expansion dexter

This ending has been partially softened Dexter: New Blood, which has only one season so far. According to information provided Hollywood Reporter, Chris McCarthy announced that there will be a series of prequels related to the original story. This will bear the title Dexter: Origins.

The goal is to explore the origin of the character played by Michael C. Hall. It must be borne in mind that when the first season of the project was presented in 2006, Dexter Morgan was already an accomplished serial killer. Part of his biography has been explained through memories. But he didn’t go too deep into them.

show time

Therefore, it is interpreted that Dexter: Origins will continue to explore this past. Another proposal was added to this proposal: the development of the second season Dexter: New Blood based on the character Harrison, Dexter’s son. Like his father, the boy has a “dark passenger” who constantly makes him kill. This new production will decide your case. Another of the projects that will be developed will focus on the story of Arthur Michell, played by John Lithgow. This character was known in history as the “Trinity Killer”. The format of this has not yet been determined. spin off.

Code “Dark Passenger”

Dexter had a code by which he lived. This, in turn, was taught to him by his father, who would be Harrison’s grandfather. Is it possible that the boy will develop something similar or will everything be more instinctive? This aspect is key to the franchise because it is what separates its protagonists from common criminals and anti-heroes.

Perhaps these are not the only projects aimed at expanding the franchise. dexter. In statements given Hollywood Reporter last January, Clyde Phillipscreator of the series and who was also part of Dexter: New Blood, commented that there were several ideas on the table. His words were as follows:

Yes, there are many things I would like to explore. I still don’t have permission from Showtime to do this. But if they called like Gary Levin (channel manager) urged to do what has become New bloodand they said we want to do a Harrison project, I would drop everything and say yes in a minute.

Clyde Phillips, creator dexter.

Opportunity becomes reality. Through Harrison Morgan, part of his father’s legacy as an anti-hero and serial killer will live on in television. season one of dexter was inspired by the first book written Jeff Lindsay. This work was followed by seven more titles, although the ShowTime adaptation was not based on them. For now, there is no more information about the two productions that are in development.

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