Batman it will also have a place in DC’s cinematic future. The news was part of announcements by James Gunn and Peter Safran detailing the next few years of the studio’s new expanded universe they are now heading.

In addition to the expected news that a new actor will play the hero of Gotham, it also became known that they are adapting one of their most famous comics. Near Batman: The Brave and the Boldwhich also includes Damian Waynebiological son Bruce Wayne and special version Robin.

This is an interesting change in the arguments that Batman on the big screen in recent decades. So far, only two films have been presented. Robin, played by Chris O’Donnell in the films of Joel Schumacher. The director’s portrait of the traditional companion of the “man of the bat” corresponds to the origin Dick Grayson. as he showed Batman forever, since 1995, a young man lost his family after the attack. adopted Brucebecame his student and subsequently an important figure in his own right.

And here is the version that will reach the cinema by hand DC Studios darker and more intriguing. World Damian Wayne goes beyond its relationship with Batman. A combo that will change how the classic publisher figure works. A point that seems to be of paramount importance to co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Damian Wayne from comics comes to Washington

Selection of material that will become part of the new cinematic stage COLUMBIA REGION this is no accident. famous series Brave and bold is an anthological collection of importance in the editorial. First published in 1955, it covers all kinds of individual and self-contained stories about its main characters. Especially when talking about the adventures of teams that would otherwise be impossible to imagine together.

The volume, which will hit the big screens in 2025, is one of the most famous in the collection. Published in 2006 and signed by Grant Morrison and Andy Kuber, it is about the hero’s teenage son. Conceived in the midst of troubling circumstances with Talia al Ghulon and off love interest of Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne He is a mysterious and violent figure. far from Dick Grayson – and his heroic character – he was raised by his mother and grandfather, Ras al Ghulto make him a killer.

The comic had an animated adaptation released on November 14, 2008. cartoon network. But according to James Gunn, the film version will have more in common with the original material. Which will no doubt endow Damian Wayne with his characteristic grimness and aggressive demeanor, his most famous traits in the comics.

Damian Wayne and his mother Thalia

Difficult relationships at a new stage

The most interesting in the arrival Batman: The Brave and the Bold the movie is that it will allow us to delve deeper into the various combat partners of the superhero and the stories that surround them. so far only Robin And bat girl (Alicia Silverstone) were part of the universe of heroes. Damian Wayne, in particular, opens doors to explore League of Assassinsa point that Christopher Nolan made in his trilogy, but superficially.

The plot, of necessity, should have given more weight to a group of criminals. The story begins with a decision Talia al Ghul take drugs Bruce Wayne and conceive a child, which she seeks. She then takes the boy with her and puts him through intense training for the first few years of his life to make him a ruthless killer. Intention? That he eventually goes in search of his father and ends up destroying him. Whether in the midst of confrontation or symbolizing all the dark spaces Batman and his ambiguous personality.

Damian Wayne, son of Batman

A fact that is emphasized both in the comic and in its animated version. Damian Wayne is the sinister opposite of his father. Cruel, selfish and devoid of any moral compass, he is able to kill without the slightest remorse.

At various points in the story Talia al Ghul ensures that its intention is that Damien show that every act of justice on the part of your father is a manifestation of hypocrisy. His son, who has the same abilities and skills, accomplishes what the hero desires, but does not dare to do. The dilemma endows the narrative with a complex version of the good and evil of Batman and his cinematic universe.

Damian Wayne Atonement

Of course, the original plot also tells how Damian Wayne it eventually develops until it becomes a benign figure. Father’s influence despite attempts Talia al Ghul to avoid this, he gives him the goal of becoming Gotham’s new protector sooner or later. Apart from his upbringing and the pressure that League of Assassins affects him, the little anti-hero has enough intelligence to find a truer moral purpose.

In the end, he becomes a hero – darker and more sinister than one might think – who makes an incredible team with Batman. The story, from its shady beginning to its denouement, explores Bruce like a wounded man. At the same time, in search of the meaning of their way of administering justice. Something that Damian Wayne will challenge several times.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold This is the point of view of the superhero’s vast possibilities. Especially in the last plans COLUMBIA REGION, which include arguments that will become more complex over time. The fact that in the universe of one of the most controversial superheroes in the world of comics is very important.

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