Bad news. Lance Reddickan actor who gained great fame in Hollywood thanks to his participation in The wire And John Wick, died at the age of 60as reported TMZ. The aforementioned media outlet mentions that the actor was found lifeless at his home located in Studio City (Los Angeles). At the moment, yes, the exact reasons for his surprising and unfortunate death are unknown. However, authorities and Reddick’s spokesman mentioned that this was due to natural causes.

Before his appearance in the saga John Wickthe most important role in the career of Lance Reddick fell on The wire. This series aired from 2002 to 2008. There were five seasons in total in which he played Lieutenant. Cedric Danielsdrugs.

His figure not only remained within this department. Because of his relationships with various members of other police forces, Lieutenant Cedric Daniels was a reference figure. However, like most of the main characters The wire, the above allows for some nuances. Although he was an authority figure, his character development was marked by various difficult situations in which ethics and morality were questioned, such as his relationship with his wife and the need to maintain appearances.

Perhaps his most problematic but symbolic dynamic on good terms was with head James “Jimmy” McNulty (Dominic West) of Homicide. Due to common affairs and various personal and bureaucratic situations, especially when discussing approaches and methods, these characters were in a constant pulse. This connection between them was one of the aspects that nurtured The wire.

This series, produced by HBO (and available on HBO Max), It is considered one of the best in history.. Depending on who you ask, they might even define it as the best.

Lance Reddick defended the Continental Hotel in John Wick

Lance Reddick

Lance Reddick’s career took another leap with John Wick. The saga starring Keanu Reeves is by far the best action movie of the last decade. Reddick stood at his feet Charon, concierge at the Continental Hotel. from New York. In the first trilogy, he had a key role. Not only as the first guardian of the said place, the meeting place of the assassins, but also as one of the few allies of John Wick himself.

Undoubtedly his most memorable scene in John Wick It will be when he fought alongside Keanu Reeves’ character to protect the Continental Hotel. The sequence, which lasts several minutes, is a hail of gunfire, death, and destruction.

Lance Reddick, of course. was part of the cast John Wick 4, which is scheduled to premiere next week (March 24). It was in recent weeks that the actor visited various media outlets to promote the film. Surprisingly, however, he was not present during prime minister In NYC.

His legacy in video games

In addition to cinema, Lance Reddick has also had an impact on the world of video games. He played Sylens in Horizon, popular exclusive PlayStation franchise. In fact, just a year before, he was actively involved in the promotion Forbidden Horizon West. He was also a key figure Quantum Riftthe video game and TV series in which he gave life to Martin Hatch.

Now perhaps his most important video game work came in fate, in which he was responsible for voicing the iconic Commander Zavala. Because the Bungie title community is huge, there are already players paying tribute to his character.

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