Apple will redesign its TV app with a much needed innovation

Users using Apple TV+ on Mac will soon notice a change in the app’s interface.

Apple TV+ on Mac.

Apple TV+ has grown not only in content but also in subscribers. The +Apple One combination is the perfect opportunity to try it out and fully embrace its existence.. This success can be reflected in the new design of the TV app on Mac, according to 9to5Mac. The redesign was seen in the latest beta of macOS 13.3 but disabled. What changes does the Apple TV app include?

Apple’s TV app with an unattractive redesign in macOS 13.3

According to the pictures, you can see a new sidebar for navigation. This bar is not new in the Apple environment as it is available on iPad with iPadOS 15.2. This bar contains different sections to explore Apple TV+.Its contents include the library, our devices, and our playlists.

If we focus on Apple TV like this, Includes “See now” section and Apple TV+ to explore the catalog. Among other services are added quick accesses to enter any channel we subscribe to as Paramount, the latest MLS Season Pass.

New Apple TV interface in macOS 13.3

New Apple TV interface in macOS 13.3

Non-Apple TV+ subscribers will also be able to explore the “Store” category To view and purchase content on the iTunes Store. A while before Apple TV+, iTunes Store, movies, series, music, etc. was the means by which it was possible to rent and/or purchase the contents.. You’ll be able to see this content, including previously purchased, rented, family shared, and more, in the “Library” category to see what’s been bought before or recently.

Should there be a deeper redesign for the Apple TV?

for content qualityboth from Apple TV+ and other channels, it’s important to redesign after a while. This happens precisely in the interface of other streaming apps. For example, Netflix has had a playback interface since the app came out. Compared to other brands with TV or Android TV, playback from the interface is more friendly and not as minimalist as tvOS.

Ted Lasso on macOS 13.3

Ted Lasso on macOS 13.3

The sidebar is an improvement, but not as significant as many Apple TV users would expect. On macOS or tvOS. Currently available in beta but not activated, it can definitely be confirmed in next beta versions and we hope it will have some changes that will add to the experience.

In addition to the sidebar, It’s important to note that this design can be seen in other Apple apps.. In Music, the macOS and iPadOS sidebar was crucial to content discovery. Perhaps this is the definitive formula that makes Apple TV more intuitive and easily accessible to users., also for new subscribers not adapting to Apple environment and apps. Haven’t tried Apple TV+ yet? You can get a completely free subscription for up to 3 months.

Source: i Padizate

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