Bad News for Disney: New Episodes The Mandalorian do not live up to audience expectations. Compared to other series, season 3 premiere according to Samba TV Star Wars, does not stand out as expected.

Before I continue, I should point out that the data behind this analysis is not official from Disney. Samba TV measures the content consumption habits of 25 million TV sets located in 3 million homes. Although they are a reliable source of these types of reports, they are distributed through Wrapper“You need to calm down while we wait for a statement from the Mickey Mouse company.

Samba TV notes that, based on its sample, fewer than 1.5 million households watched the first episode of the third season. A priori, it does not seem to be a negative figure, but everything changes when we compare it with products. star Wars which have been recently released.

Third season The Mandalorian Now it’s available

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Premiere of the third season The Mandalorian was 28% less audience compared to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yes, surpassed Boba Fett book And Andor with 2% and 50% respectively.

The problem is that Boba Fett book And Andor They are not a good comparison, as it is well known that both adventures were far from what Disney expected in terms of the audience.

Given that The Mandalorian this is the standard series star Wars, these numbers are not positive. If we add to the above that the third series is already being categorized by many as the worst of the bunch, despite the exciting fight sequence, alarms might set in if the rest of the third season isn’t compelling.

Losing streak started Boba Fett book?

The Mandalorian

Factors that may have caused the loss of interest in the third season The Mandalorian. Firstly, the fact that the premieres have been waiting for almost two years. A fan can wait patiently, but… What about those who don’t?

It is undeniable that Grog has attracted quite a few people since the first season, whose interest in star Wars it’s small or not. For them it becomes transitional trend which can end at any moment.

We also cannot ignore what has happened in these two years of waiting. While the third season The Mandalorian was in production, Lucasfilm released Boba Fett book, Obi-Wan Kenobi And Andor. They all share something in common: they are disappointed in something.

starting from it Boba Fett book, its existence has no meaning. He fandom I was expecting adventure at the level of a character that I have loved so much since the first trilogy of films. The result was a prologue to the third season The Mandalorian. Boba Fett has been relegated to the background.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi, for its part, was a narrative disappointment. Its development was quite slow and we had to wait for the last episodes to see its best moments.

WITH Andor A somewhat absurd situation has occurred. Over the years, followers star Wars they demanded a new adventure away from the Skywalker saga. Andor It was exactly the kind of experience that offers something different from what we are used to. However, his hearing was a complete failure.

Then it will be interesting to see if a third season comes out. The Mandalorian he can bounce back and meet Disney’s demands. Otherwise, we could talk about star Wars is going through another stage of fatigue, now on the small screen.

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