Midjourney is a platform to create Images that use artificial intelligence to create unique and personalized drawings. With the help of this tool it is possible to create amazing drawings in a few minutes. However, it’s important to keep a few tips and tricks in mind for best results.

Prompts, on the other hand, are ready-made commands that the platform uses to recognize images that need to be created – that is, descriptive phrases to be interpreted by artificial intelligence. They should be as detailed as possible so that they can actually be turned into an example.

With that in mind, we’ve selected 15 Midjourney prompt ideas that can help you create some great images and some examples.

Attention: For now, sentences should be written in English, okay?

15 – Create a futuristic scene

How about using artificial intelligence to create a futuristic scene with technological elements? Add neon touches and lighting effects to make the image even more impactful.

You can use adjectives like “cybernetic”, “surreal” and “futuristic” for this. An example prompt is:

“A futuristic world with hyper-technological elements and hyper-advanced citizens living 1000 years from now”.

14 – Create a natural landscape

Use Midjourney to create a natural landscape such as a forest or a beach. To do this, add elements such as animals and plants to liven up the image using commands such as “beautiful plants” and “colorful roses”.

Below is an example of a canned prompt:

“A forest of tall green trees, surrounded by wild animals like tigers and monkeys, complete with a river and blue skies”.

13 – Create a character

You can even create a unique and original character using Midjourney. In this case, you need to be extremely descriptive about your appearance, clothing and accessories in order to stand out in the image.

For example:

“A tall, beautiful woman with blonde hair, green eyes, a small nose, full red lips and black curly eyelashes, wearing a tight green dress and a pair of black shoes.”

12 – Create an action scene

With Midjourney you can add elements such as explosions, fire and smoke to show your own action scene. To do this, describe the characters that are part of the plot and what exactly happens in this passage:

“A blue-suited superhero battles a black-masked villain in a post-apocalyptic world surrounded by zombies and explosions as meteor showers rain down on them.”

Action with fiction and fantasy created in the same image.

11 – Create a romantic scene

To create a romantic scene where a couple is in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere, you can include some details such as candles and flowers to make the image even warmer.

“A woman and a man fall in love in their room with the lights off and a bunch of candles lit. Roses are spread on the bed as they kiss passionately on Valentine’s Day.”

10 – Create a horror scene

On the other hand, if you want to create a scary horror scene using Midjourney. Elements such as shadows, monsters and blood can add a spooky touch to an image.

“A frightened woman tries to escape in the rain, while a creepy creature lurks in the shade. He’s covered in blood and has a crazy look in his eyes when he’s about to attack.”

Horror scene created on Midjourney.

9 – Create a sci-fi scene

How about creating a sci-fi style scene? Star wars? According to the example below, imagine spaceships, planets and aliens to create an amazing and unique image:

“A spaceship where stormtroopers sail through space with meteorites heading towards an unknown planet.”

8 – Create a surreal scene

You can also use Midjourney to create a surreal scene with elements that defy logic and reality. Consider elements like floating doors and fantasy animals for this.

“Magic creatures are jumping from flying door to flying door with melting clocks in an open field.”

7 – Create a fantasy scene

Castles, dragons, fairies, magic… All these and much more can be part of your Midjourney wishes! Unleash your imagination to create a fantastic image.

“A group of mice are lying on the grass by a enchanted lake, picnicking on a sunny day, playing instruments and watching the animals nearby.”

Fantasy is also very well portrayed in the show.

6 – Create a comedy scene

Create a funny scene by depicting clowns and other funny objects. Try to make the image as comfortable as possible!

“A chaotic circus painting with clowns joking with each other.”

5 – Create a mysterious scene

By adding shadows and mysterious objects to your illustration, you will have an intriguing and mysterious image created by artificial intelligence. Do you want to know how? See an example:

“There’s a half-burned piece of paper on a table, covered in shadows, that can only read ‘killed by your wife.’ Although you can’t read the name, there’s a pair of women’s shoes and a driver’s license on the floor.”

4 – Create a battle scene

Tanks, soldiers and explosions can help you create an ultra-realistic and effective battle scene. It is worth remembering that you need to be as detailed as possible!

“There are soldiers in a trench with guns on their shoulders while explosions are on the horizon. Tanks are coming from both sides and the generals are shouting orders.”

An epic battle on another planet with ETs can also be created with the right command.

3 – Create an adventure scene

Create an adventurous scene using Midjourney by adding items such as maps and antique objects to enhance a mysterious and exciting image.

“A group of explorers, holding lanterns and maps, are at the foot of a pyramid and find an ancient tomb.”

2 – Create a superhero scene

How about having your own stage? avengers or your favorite heroes are from Midjourney? Below is an example of how you can create a heroic image:

“A powerful superhero stands against the sun with his cloak flying after defeating a super villain”.

1 – Create a time travel scene

Time machine created at Midjourney.  (Source: Midjourney/Playback)

Finally, time machines and period clothes can help you create a great look in the best style. Doctor Who

“A scientist enters a time machine and is captured in a split image between 2023 and the 1950s, two years.”

Did you like our 15 sample prompts from Midjourney? Always remember to use your creativity and try new possibilities for the best results. Now take the opportunity to share the tips on social networks!

Source: Tec Mundo

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