succession, from HBO and available on HBO Max, has always been a battle for power and influence. So furious, cruel and twisted that every member of the family Roy assume the possibility of losing everything at the slightest mistake. It is with this same argument that its fourth and final season.

Logan Roy (Brian Cox) just beat his sons in a selling strategy game Waystar RoyCo. Which also dealt a death blow to the shaky complicity between them. shiv (Sarah Snook) has found that she has less support than she thought in the negotiations that affect her place in the company.

From my side, Roman (Keiran Culkin) and Kendall (Jeremy Strong) realized that their father’s influence had a lot to do with predicting their tricks. So, falling into the same trap and having little chance of retaining their power, the brothers must decide what their next move will be.

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Beginning of part four succession shows how the internal Waystar RoyCo It’s wobbly. It does not matter that this is Logan’s triumph and his intention to dismember the center of the ambitions of those around him. The problem is that the company is more fragile than one might think, and only the patriarch knows exactly how. Of course, so far this is the show’s best tactic – to show a panorama of confrontations between its characters. The sale is not only the pinnacle of greed for a family group poisoned by tension, but also a bold move to prevent the empire from finally falling.

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The fourth and final season of Legacies begins on the ashes of what happened at the end of the previous one. Roy Logan succeeded, but not as completely and completely as we would like. His sons know that they can still avoid a merger that will lead them astray from the path to power. Still lacking the resources to stand up to their father, they must rethink their weapons for battle, their loyalty and new support. The latest season of the series begins in its best known style. The defeat of the heirs spreads like a shock wave, but there is still a chance for triumph. Everything will depend on what the family patriarch can do to completely destroy the brief alliance that united Shiv, Roman and Kendall.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Dangerous game of deception continues into final season succession

If the previous season ended with Roy at the height of his power after dealing the final blow to his heirs, now the picture is different. Despite the fact that the new part begins almost immediately after the events of the betrayal Volume (Matthew Macfadyen), the head of the family must find a way in which the following negotiations will benefit him. It’s not easy, and it won’t be the way I imagined. succession He claims that the way to success is to keep your children from making any decisions.

But not everything will be as simple as being able to polarize the surrounding society between Roman, shiv And Kendall. Actually, the character played by Brian Cox needs to stabilize the wreckage after the fall.

Logan Roy in the final season of 'Legacy'

And that means compromise. He knows it, even though he doesn’t say it. But the sale is not an immediate process, and the fact that the transaction has a specific purpose must remain unnoticed in order to avoid a possible significant loss of assets. Restructuring Waystar RoyCo It has become a difficult place. On the one hand, pressure Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård), who insisted that the merger be done on his own terms, weakened the patriarch’s strategy. On the other hand, the risk that the sale – or the deception that comes with it – will eventually divert his plans for future full control is always hidden.

Again and again the first chapter of the fourth season succession Remember this is the end. That the fight will be to the death – also in the literal sense? – and the winner will deal with the losers, who will remain dangerous even without weapons. For the first ten minutes, the episode sums up what can happen from now on. Will there be awkward negotiations that will leave Logan With his reduced power, but with the necessary reinforcement to retire without losing his position? At least that’s what he hopes when he tries with Kerry (Zoe Winters), stop her children from gathering strength.

Royce, enemies in the final battle

Father Roy on HBO's Continuity

Logan’s victory was a shock wave. Each of your children needs to rethink strategy and attachments. For Roman, All clear. He will continue to oppose the nameless organizational structure that the merger implies, though personal interests begin to take precedence over his fragile willingness to cooperate with the rest of his family. What could he gain by facing his all-powerful father? There are no easy answers. But at least he knows that the alliance with his brothers was not as useful as protecting, for the first time, his interests.

Is there another option? With my brothers crushed by despondency, Roman take a step back and evaluate in which direction to move. Useless complicity or dubious negotiations, but bringing you personal gain? IN succession, victory does not always mean that the way forward is clear. Swarms only need to succeed, even if only partially. The most important thing is that any opponent can move forward.

Final season of HBO's Legacy

At least that’s the belief shiv when you assume that Volume he has all the information he needs to defeat her, as he already did. A couple mortally wounded after the end of the previous season succession, is not restored. However, as a worthy daughter of her father, she chooses to accept defeat and take advantage of even the slightest advantage that circumstances may offer. The gap between them is untenable and long-lasting, but the couple will stay together until they find a way to succeed.

Just like you suppose Kendallthe confrontation will no longer be only about financial statements or the possibility that Waystar RoyCo belongs to them Logan won but the script succession it is much more unstable than one might think. The series’ new move will determine where the competing forces go.

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Will the head of the family be able to keep his children from revenge, not even knowing what form she will take? Maybe shiv keep your brothers together? WhatRoman upset the delicate balance? For now, succession keep your secrets well. The series hasn’t shown where its plot is heading towards the end of its story. One of the highlights of this controversial first episode of the season.

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