He Writers Guild of America (WGA) approved the use of artificial intelligence as a tool for film scripting. In a decision that some will consider controversial, the union affirmed that not going to ban AIalthough he put a number of conditions. writers will be able to use ChatGPT to write the scriptHowever, the credit will go to the person, not to the instrument.

According to a report from Diversitythe union suggested considering AI as a tool for the screenwriter. Job created in ChatGPT will not be considered literary material or source material, a decision that tips the scales in favor of the writer. Both definitions determine how the author’s credit and residual compensation will be assigned.

Under the terms of the agreement, AI is not considered as a screenwriter in the project, as it is not capable of generating literary material. Since the text created with ChatGPT is also not “source material”, the author will receive full credit, guaranteeing 100% compensation. The union thinks it’s a solution would drop lawsuits against companies like OpenAIwho could claim royalty because his artificial intelligence was responsible for the script.

The WGA proposal was raised during a meeting with the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance, a representative of major studios. It is not known whether the latter will accept it, as both sides are in a negotiation process where issues such as minimum wages and other measures to guarantee the work of writers are being discussed.

ChatGPT could write the next Marvel movie or star Wars

She Hulk checking her smartphone
ChatGPT wouldn’t write absurd serials like She is the Hulk.

The union proposes to consider AI as a tool, not a screenwriter. The decision comes at a pivotal moment when many are wondering if their work will be affected by the advent of GPT-4. A paper published by OpenAI lists professions that will be affected by artificial intelligence to the future.

The creators of ChatGPT believe that occupations such as mathematicians, accountants and writers will be exhibited. However, the paper focuses on activities that can be automatede to increase productivity, which does not necessarily mean that artificial intelligence will take the place of the screenwriter or author.

It should be noted that the guild does not mention projects entirely written by AI. The goal of the WGA is to protect the interests of its affiliates and focus its strategy on keeping them as lead authors. As a tool, the union doesn’t see the writer delegating responsibility to ChatGPT.

Negotiations between the WGA and the studios will take place over the course of two weeks. It is possible that some groups are exerting pressure to limit the possibilities of artificial intelligence in Hollywood, so there is no question of victory. Anyway, we are confident that ChatGPT will create the best scenarios for Marvel than any of the writers who made it through the mediocre Phase 4 of the MCU.

Source: Hiper Textual

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