Movie 65, written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, could be a successful mix of drama and sci-fi. His story begins with text on a screen that explains that Mills (Adam Driver) will take on a job that will save his family’s lives but put him at risk of his own. A painful dilemma that, while not occurring on Earth, is fully known. The character is not human, as are his family members. But the problems he faces are quite recognizable and close.

During the first few minutes, 65 it seems to create the possibility of an alternate world, terrifying and dark, that is about to be consumed by violence. But the script, written by the directorial duo, is not interested in delving into the subtleties. With a speed that is almost bewildering, he poses a dilemma. Mills You must take on a deadly mission that is not listed and you must do so immediately. The health of the wife and son depends on this.

A mysterious evil awaits on a primitive planet

However, the argument 65 Soon he changes register and forgets the most emotional essence of his proposal. The action becomes more direct, showing how the ship on which Adam Driver’s character travels in cryogenic sleep is shot down while passing through the asteroid belt.

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Scott Beck and Bryan Woods’ 65 is a mixture of science fiction and survival cinema. A promising start turns into an aimless chase through a dangerous and brutal landscape. Ironically, its clever premise – a space traveler at the center of our planet 65 million years ago – falters due to several narrative errors. The film never really goes deep into any of its elements other than the need to confront monsters aware of their ability to kill. In conclusion, it should be noted that chance turns out to be the defining element that maintains the story and its unsatisfactory ending.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Among the rubble Mills appears on the surface of an unknown territory in the company of another survivor, Koa (Ariana Greenblatt). Both must try to escape or die at the hands of the creatures that inhabit the inhospitable land in which they find themselves.

Which is none other than our world 65 million years ago, before the advent of man. Of course, dinosaurs reign supreme among the ferocious and gigantic vegetation.

Animals that attack 65

In the original twist, the Earth, inhabited by dinosaurs, unknown, cruel and wild, becomes the main enemy Mills. Argument 65 It is interesting in that it maintains the tension of the unknown place with great skill and clever visual construction.

Adam Driver starred in the movie 65.
Adam Driver as Mills in the film 65.

The world before mankind imagined 65 it is huge, cruel and full of predatory beasts, ready to devour the survivors, and nothing can stop them. Unlike the almost fragile creatures of the saga Jurassic Parkmonsters 65 they are unstoppable. Thirsty for blood and with a fearsome gluttony. History shows them in their entirety as beings without rivals and, what is even more terrible, conscious of their superiority. The plot endows them with a primitive consciousness, manifested through subtleties. Watching, watching, hunting. They are not just scared or packs of animals.

At the same time, the operator 65, Salvatore Totino, overshadows his characters by the scale and magnitude of what surrounds them. Vegetation becomes dark and green trap. The camera follows the characters through their desperate attempt to cross unknown landscapes in search of help. It soon becomes clear that the entire planet is a terrifying prison. Every element that supports it is so pernicious and potentially destructive that it kills them at the first opportunity.

The last battle between the shadows

Seeing Earth as a hostile place might be interesting if it wasn’t for the fact that the directorial duo became obsessed with chasing their characters on the run. Then the whole narrative is simplified and focuses on showing spaces that are dangerous just because they are unknown. It is unfortunate that 65 forget faster than necessary that this is a new scenario. The feeling that the film is wasting its own resources is constant.

Adam Driver at 65

65 he cannot examine items he picks up during his first hour. He starts by hinting that the two unarmed but smart characters must defeat the fierce beasts, but the idea quickly fades. Mills And Koa they have to flee from the threat of predators that seem invisible and wait for the slightest mistake. A plot with great potential, but in the third part of the film it is strangely lacking in meaning and power. Then survival becomes a matter of chance.

Movie 65 may have been able to mix survival movie with the pure science fiction genre thanks to its new central idea. But the result falters due to the film’s inability to exploit all its rarity. Instead, he ends with a sentimental scene that makes his story the worst possible twist. It is the transformation of the opposition to death into an obvious celebration of life and the ideals that are clumsily alluded to.

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