After three years of waiting, the fourth season is finally out. weird things is about to debut. This is an event generating significant pop culture interest in the hit Netflix series. It’s also a very interesting journey through the right mix of genres and storylines, and a milestone. Now the inevitable question: why has such an event been held for so long? What happened that the new series of the series did not appear for so long?

Surprisingly, weird things He distinguished himself precisely by the fact that it took a lot of time to premiere his seasons. The third took two years to hit the screen. There was also a curious discussion about production costs, the slow pace of filming, and the ages of its main characters. The debate has once again become part of a larger virtual conversation a few days after its long-awaited new chapters appeared.

The gap between seasons is a tricky topic for Netflix. The platform, which became famous for the sudden cancellations of successful projects, is also known for a curious reason. And these are shooting serial performances, which usually come in a more or less short time on a multiscreen. Nose weird things everything was different. A year ago, executive producer Shawn Levy spoke to Collider and analyzed what happened during the long process of filming the series. And the answer to the delay seems to lie somewhere between ambition and the series’ new creative demands. Which could translate as a big investment, a team effort with a lot of interest and of course more time to shoot.

Long way weird things to multiscreen

For Levi, the main thing is to understand the path weird things from a spectator phenomenon to a cult phenomenon, the interest around it. If the first and second seasons were a success for the audience, then the third turned the series into a phenomenon with its own dynamics. Something that the producers knew very well when they planned the fourth season. Actually always for Collider, the chief executive insisted that the new chapters were a “new scale” challenge. In addition to having to go through the toughest of the Covid pandemic safety protocols.

The combination of a series requiring scripting, a new take on its characters, and a deepening of its mythology caused filming delays. To all of the above, it should be added that only Levy, Matt and Ross Duffer are still responsible for the production process. For the trio, the rhythm of filming is about creating a language that combines digital and practical effects. In addition to rethinking the series as a phenomenon.

If all the talk weird things was based on the mysteries of Hawkins, in the third season the characters became an important point. And while they’ve always been on the go, the show’s change of direction has sent the gang of young heroes in a different direction. Another interesting element is that the main relationship with Hawkins is broken, the series split its scripts into three. Which also prompted the storytelling to set the stage for up to three films to be combined at the same time.

Pandemic and its aftermath

stranger things temporada 4 el rejol de la casa creel netflix hermanos duffer

The COVID protocols also played a complex role in the recording of the series’ fourth season. weird things. Production had to be stopped a month after recording began. He was barely able to return on September 4, 2020, almost seven months later. This included returning the technical production team to the set, as well as doing specific logistics. The series was filmed in three different locations. (Lithuania, California and Hawkins), and in each of them he had to work with different protocols. As a result, the series turned into a gigantic project involving the amalgamation of three different teams in two countries, on two continents and with nine diverse teams.

But in the end, the effort was worth it. The previews showed a much more mature, elegant and well put together production. It also seems to be a new style of storytelling and a more adult adventure. However, the series also continues to stand on its main basis. The beloved cast is going through an increasingly confusing story. What can we do from the fourth season? In just a few days, we will finally answer this question.

Source: Hiper Textual

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