Since the premiere Hombre de Hierro from 2008 to present, there is a constant in the film industry: Marvel Cinematic Universe It’s one of the most successful franchises ever, and arguably the defining one in terms of storytelling. Although the beginning was not easy, he is currently in good health. However, can there be wear?

Exaggerating, it is possible that the general public will divide the year into premieres of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For your interest, given that several generations have grown up on this narrative, who are at least curious about how it develops. Another branch of this discussion is meaning in the industry: superhero stories are what pop music is in the music sector.

In the middle of these aspects are the more rigorously laid out narratives of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The topics it covers. approaches you are looking for. The shades you want. His compositional maturity in a story full of stories, characters and multiple formats on which it is built, cinema and streaming.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
and accumulation of titles

One of the frequent comments of those who follow the film saga from a distance, without running away from each production presented, is “What should I see before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?”, for example. The idea is instilled that there are a number of interconnected stories at the moment. Expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the format streaming has joined the avalanche of movies currently available on Disney Plus.

This challenges Disney and Marvel to: build products that fit the storytelling they’ve been developing since 2008; make cinema and series that do not require the viewer to consume content for a whole week to understand it; the introduction of new characters that enrich this story while staying true to what has already been put together. Result? A saga that seems endless and runs the risk of bored viewers.

How do you make the Marvel Cinematic Universe films more than just character introductions and adventures? One option is to delve into complex issues and look at them from an interesting perspective. This is what happened to WandaVision and the mental health of Wanda Maximoff. Another version of this idea can be seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessa work that can be seen as a horror genre that is not considered within the framework of the narrative.


Otherwise, if the next Marvel Cinematic Universe titles don’t keep up with the maturity of their viewers, there could be a kind of stagnation that is currently less perceived: simple jokes, explosiveness, some sort of unexpected cameo, and an impetus for what needs to happen. Enough? We will see.

Thor Love and Thunder Guardianes de la Galaxia de Marvel, con la producción de Kevin Feige), parte clave del Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel

The next release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor: Love and Thunder. This will be the fourth film to focus on the character, something that hasn’t happened with Iron Man or Captain America, the pair completing the trident on which much of Phases 1, 2, and 3 progressed. Saw what was seen in the first trailer, ie. movie It promises progression on the tone the character has entered, as well as a lot of humor and an issue that needs to be addressed: the protagonist’s emotional health.

Thor is on a personal journey, seeking to rethink his life while continuing to heal emotional wounds. infinity war D end of the game. What will be the balance between humor and these aspects? What challenges will the film adaptation present to the audience? The Marvel Cinematic Universe needs its stories to continue to evolve, both in approach and as not to distract your viewers. It will continue to function from an economic and recreational point of view. But there comes a time when this alone may not be enough to keep growing.

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