Stan Lee was the symbolic figure of miracle, and the House of Ideas plans to continue to associate its franchise with the face of the iconic cartoonist. For this reason, Marvel has entered into an agreement to exploit Stan Lee’s image for another twenty years.

Thanks to this agreement, the figure of Stan Lee can be exploited by Marvel through his voice, his image, movies and audio that already exist in movies and in TV series. And the same will be true in theme parks and merchandising.

Andy Heyward of Genius Brands said of this deal:

We’re proud to be those involved in the exploitation of the image rights associated with the Stan Lee figure, and there’s no better place than Marvel and Disney it could be. As we enter the centennial of Stan Lee’s birth on December 28, 2022, we’re excited to see his figure continue to live on for fans through Marvel.

The rights of the Stan Lee figure belong to Genius Brands and POW! Entertainment, the company Marvel had to agree to sign this pact. By the way, POW! Entertainment owns the exploitation rights to all characters that Stan Lee did not create for Marvel that the company plans to use to create the Stan Lee universe. All this is done together with Genius Brands.

Source: Lega Nerd

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