news that Daredevil will have its own series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was an open secret that was not confirmed until May 19 of this year. Diversity reported on an adaptation produced by Disney Plus. There are no details about the plot yet, but there are about the scriptwriters of the production: Matt Korman D Chris Ord They will be responsible for this project.

Daredevil’s arrival Marvel Cinematic Universe He was one of the most anticipated over the years of storytelling. maybe since then Civil War, an adaptation that left this out, even if it was in comic book history. This movie was released in 2016. A year earlier, Netflix had already premiered the first season of a series about the character. It’s no small fact that it’s considered one of the best superhero movies, if not the best, on TV today.

So, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe evolves, Netflix It opened a narrative gap based on a series of superheroes with a different profile from that shown in cinematic history. A handful of characters focused on solving mundane problems, without cosmic threats or a more complex geopolitical nature, but also valuable.

Daredevil and his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Appearance Matt Murdoch in Spiderman: No Way Home served to introduce the character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But he is not alone in this matter. On the day of the world premiere of the third Spider-Man film, another key Marvel character also appeared, Wilson Fiskknown as Professional criminal. He was featured in the series Hawkeyewho explored part of the underworld within the story.

This last detail is key to the expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The bulk of the stories that make up this narrative focused on or prefaced external threats. Films about character building, internal intrigues and evolutions that later converged into Avengers: Endgame D Avengers: Infinity War.

Meanwhile, this suburban dynamic, the gang conflicts, the faces of those criminals that different superheroes face in comics, didn’t take up much space in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; one that, moreover, was not characterized by the presence of villains with a logical and complete development. So, the confirmation of the Daredevil series makes us think that some of the previous dynamics could be changed.

Character Influence

Judging by the upcoming Marvel series, with shows like Ms. Marvel D she is the hulk, it is interpreted that the responsible production of the story wants to have more of a neighborhood perspective in relation to the various characters. This work started with Hawkeye, a superhero out of the ordinary, as he does not have supernatural powers. His story focused on the various conflicts he went through on the streets. There are perhaps a few characters in this frame more interesting and more suitable for this purpose than Hell’s Kitchen Devil.

Charlie Cox, el actor que interpreta a Daredevil / Daredevil / Spider-Man: Sin camino a casa

Daredevil at times resembles the behavior of anti-heroes. Depending on the comic you’re reading, this could be; and also he has various sections in which he acts as a moral beacon, although he may not like this classification at all. Moving in the shadows, under the night, on street corners, chasing down criminals until they catch up and beat them up at will, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have a more street-friendly perspective that seems to interest it.

It is also a challenge for the filmmakers. Stephen S. DeKnight, Doug Petrie, Marco Ramirez D Eric Olson they were responsible for writing the Netflix adaptation. From his work, a character was shown touched by his story and his desires, while little by little he learned the pleasure of violence. Will it fit into Disney’s speech? If not, what kind of character could you see? It is still too early to draw conclusions in this regard, but these are valid questions.

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